The Top 10 Women’s Best Pre Workout Supplements

top 10 best women's pre workout supplements

The Top 10 Women’s Best Pre Workout Supplements

So you're ready to step up your sweat training with a pre-workout supplement. Pre-workout supplements have grown in popularity among women looking to improve their fitness regimes. These can help develop lean muscle, enhance exercise performance and restoration, improve mental focus, and even boost total energy expenditure in healthy individuals, depending on the components.

Nonetheless, not all products are created equally. Some pre workout supplements may work for others, while some may not. Besides, there are approximately a million of these pre workout supplements on store shelves, and many have unusually aggressive packaging that may make you worry if you're even shopping for the perfect thing.

The truth is that women do not necessarily require a premium quality pre-workout supplement in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Instead, what they need are the best ones that will suit all body types.

The following are the top ten women's best pre-workout supplements, or for any healthy individual, whatever their gender is.

  1. Naked Energy

women's best pre workout

This pre workout supplement is gluten-free and vegan. It is also free of soy, lactose free, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners.

Furthermore, Eurofins Scientific has third-party tested it so that you can be confident in the quality of its components. In terms of ingredients, Naked Energy contains 200 mg of caffeine, which is roughly comparable to two 8-ounce (237-mL) cups of coffee.

It also includes beta-alanine and creatine, making it an excellent choice for a pre-workout supplement that will boost your energy levels and help you build muscle. However, because it contains L-arginine rather than L-citrulline, it is unlikely to increase blood flow.

  1. Legion Pulse Pre-Workout

women's best pre workout

If you're a regular caffeine user, this pre-workout may be one of the best tasting pre workout supplements that you're looking for. One of the ten flavours (green apple) is caffeine-free if caffeine is not your thing. If you choose a caffeine-infused flavour, each 2-scoop (24.2-gram) serving includes 350 mg of caffeine.

Remember that an 8-ounce (237-mL) cup of coffee contains approximately 95 mg of caffeine, so it's not a bad idea to start with a half-serving to evaluate your tolerance prior to actually going all in. The remaining ingredients in this pre-workout supplement make it suitable for both strength and fitness training.

  1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

women's best pre workout

This pre workout supplement contains 3 grams of creatine per scoop (10 grams) and is ideal for building muscle and strength in the gym. One serving also contains beta-alanine and 175 mg of caffeine, which will give your higher stamina and help your muscles work even harder without feeling tired.

Informed Choice, a third-party testing organisation in the sports nutrition industry that mainly tests products for toxins and the presence of compounds banned in sports — has certified Optimum Nutrition's pre workout supplementWS for endurance athletes. It's worth noting that the supplement contains AstraGin, a proprietary blend that includes Panax notoginseng extract and Astragalus membranous.

  1. Alani Nu Pre-Workout

women's best pre workout

It's easy to understand why this pre workout product is a fan favourite. This pre workout booster is like a fruit punch with ten unique flavours to choose from, including Rainbow Candy, Carnival Candy Grape, and Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Alani Nu not only tastes delicious, but its ingredient combination is simple and effective. Each scoop (9.9 g) contains 200 mg of caffeine, 200 mg of L-theanine, 6 g of L-citrulline, and 1.6 g of beta-alanine to help with energy, caffeine jitters, blood flow, and muscle soreness.

  1. Ora Organic Renewable Energy Pre-Workout Powder

women's best pre workout

If beta-alanine tingles and high caffeine doses aren't your thing, this pre workout booster from Ora Organic is a better option. Aside from being free of beta-alanine, each 1-scoop (10-gram) serving contains only 90 mg caffeine — roughly the same as 1 cup (237 mL) of coffee.

Beetroot juice is another ingredient in this pre workout booster that may boost nitric oxide production and improve blood flow to your muscles. However, much more research is needed to verify its positive effect on one's athletic performance. Finally, this pre workout booster contains adjustments, which are substances used in herbal medicine to help with stress management.

  1. Bulk Elevate Pre-Workout

women's best pre workout

This pre workout booster is a big hit, offering an extra boost to assist them in power through that final rep. It is simple to mix, light, and refreshing. Aside from the 200mg caffeine, ten other active ingredients, such as slow-release carbs and three essential amino acids, help with muscle repair and recovery. This is a good value pre workout booster for those with a sweet tooth, since it's like a berry blast fruit punch with a sweet berry flavour that has been compared to bubble-gum or candy floss.

  1. Myprotein The Pre-Workout

women's best pre workout

Users reported an energy boost (per serving, there's 175mg of natural caffeine from guarana and green tea extracts) for this pre workout booster. Not only that, but they also felt that the addition of creatine and vitamin B6 help build muscle and boost post workout recovery.

Moreover, users are also impressed by the ingredient list, which includes common pre workout ingredients with an addition of amino acids (protein building blocks), making it a great all-rounder pre workout booster. WH chose blue raspberry, which was electric blue and pleasurably sweet and fruity, but the grape is another popular flavour.

  1. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Combat

women's best pre workout

Replace that double espresso with 200mg of caffeine and a slew of other energy-boosting ingredients like beta-alanine, l-tyrosine, and ashwagandha, and you'll get your caffeine fix plus a lot more. Battle Ready focuses on tangy berry flavour while avoiding sickly sweetness. This pre workout booster comes in powdered form that dissolves quickly in water, resulting in a smooth drink that testers love.

  1. 33Fuel Elite Meal Replacement Cacao

women's best pre workout

Unlike most pre workout supplements that tastes like fruit punch or coffee, this is the women's best pre-workout supplement for chocolate lovers. Rich, decadent, and uber chocolatey, 33Fuel's Elite Meal Replacement is designed for pre-and post-workout consumption. It tasted a bit like an epic chocolate milkshake when mixed with plant milk.

Moreover, this pre workout booster is loaded with high-quality plant-based ingredients to keep you going during your intense workouts. These include chia and flax seeds for fat-burning effectiveness, plant proteins for muscular development, chlorella for immune support, green coffee for pain relief, and many others. It's a little heavy for pre workouts, but it is indeed an excellent and perfectly balanced option for women.

  1. PE+ Nutrition Performance Pre Workout

women's best pre workout

Caffeine could do crazy things for a few people (think the jitters multiplied by 100), but we found PE+ Nutrition Performance Pre Workout to be the greatest for just the right boost. This pre workout booster includes a reasonable 80mg per serving, so you'll still feel nicely energised without having to sit in a dark room and take some deep breaths, plus vitamin C, B6 and B12.


How does a pre workout booster work?

Pre workout supplements work to improve cognitive function. For instance, it improves your motivation and boosts your energy levels. Some pre workouts also enhance blood flow, strengthen muscular endurance, and aid in post workout recovery.

What are the best pre workout supplements made of?

The most common pre workout ingredient is caffeine, since it is known for boosting energy. However, there are also caffeine free pre workout booster options that you can try.

Other common active ingredients that the best pre workout supplements may have include beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, and amino acids. These ingredients aid in muscle growth,

Are Pre Workout Supplements Safe?

The ingredients included in women's best pre workout supplements are relatively safe. However, for safety, make sure to check its active ingredients or consult a medical professional. There are also gluten free and caffeine free options that you can try.


Depending on the ingredients, a women's best pre-workout supplement can help you achieve your fitness goals by boosting your energy levels and enhancing muscle recovery and performance. However, because there are so many different pre-workout supplements on the market, it's critical to do your homework to find an effective and safe product that meets your fitness needs.

In general, look for a third-party tested product containing ingredients such as L-citrulline, creatine, beta-alanine, and caffeine, depending on your tolerance and desires. Most importantly, if you are unsure about beginning a supplement, consult with a physician before incorporating a pre-workout supplement into your fitness regimen.

To learn more about Supplements and Nutrition, read our information hub here. Or to view our range of Sports Performance tests, click here.

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