Labs & Accuracy

We’re highly selective about who we work with, and that means only working with laboratories we know will process your results accurately, quickly and securely.

Labs & Accuracy - welzo

Our Labs

Welzo works with eight different labs across the UK, Italy and Denmark. We have established relationships with the best facilities internationally, working closely with our partner labs to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and clinical information. We constantly review the labs we work with and establish new partnerships to enable our healthcare platform to have the most extensive testing services available worldwide.

How accurate are the tests?

Before a lab partner can onboard with the Welzo platform, they must undergo rigorous assessments and evaluations to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Our labs are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are UKAS Accredited (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) if they are based in the UK.

Our technology

Our team of GMC registered doctors and scientists worked closely with our technology departments based in London, United Kingdom, Silicon Valley, United States of America and Maharashtra, India, to create the Welzo healthcare platform. Welzo uses cutting-edge machine learning (artificial intelligence) to provide clinical analysis and health insights. These insights enable our customers to make informed decisions about their health, removing subjective elements and focusing on objective biomarkers and genetic analysis.

Your privacy comes first.

When you explore your health with Welzo, you entrust us with important information. Your privacy is our number one priority, with data being deleted automatically when it is no longer required. All information is passed into our secure databases using HL7 (Health Level 7) transfer method which is internationally recognised as the gold standard for the transfer of clinical and administrative data. You can read more about HL7 here.

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Customer stories

We have helped over 500,000 patients get access to their healthcare needs. Read some of their stories below.

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About us

Learn more about the Welzo mission and how we aim to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient.

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