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About us

Welzo is here to put fast and affordable healthcare back in your hands. We offer personalised online assessments and medication that are accessible within minutes.

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<p>Our mission</p>

Our mission

Getting an appointment with your GP can be lengthy and time-consuming. The average patient in the UK has to wait at least 15 days before they can speak to a GP and a further 4 - 8 weeks if a consultation is required. But getting access to quick and affordable healthcare does not have to be this complicated.

That's why we created Welzo. We offer instant online consultations, giving you access to treatment and testing from the comfort of your home within minutes. This is the future of healthcare, no more waiting rooms. We offer personalised testing and medication instantly online and delivered the next day to your house.

Created by the HMI Group

Created by the HMI Group

The HMI Group was founded in 1979, providing medical services for blue chip corporations such as Qatar Gas, the UK's Ministry of Defence and the Bank of New York. Welzo was founded by the HMI Group to provide affordable and easily accessible medication and personalised health tests due to the strain faced by the UK's NHS.

HMI Group
Experts in medical services since 1979
Created by the HMI Group
Healthcare has never been this easy

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  • Health tests

    We have a wide range of tests to cover your health needs. Order with next day delivery and avoid sitting in a doctor's office or clinic. Use our quiz to find the right test for you.

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  • Medication

    Welzo Pharmacy works with over 25 pharmacy chains across the UK to provide affordable treatments and medication delivered to the comfort of your home.

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  • Occupational tests

    We specialise in corporate and occupation health checks. If you need a pre-employment medical before working abroad or need to test your staff for health and safety reasons, we have you covered.

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Labs and accuracy

We work with UKAS accredited labs in the UK, Italy and Denmark. Find out more about our labs and how our testing process works.

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Customer stories

We have helped over 500,000 patients get access to their healthcare needs. Read some of their stories below.

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