Liver Blood Test


A Liver Blood Test helps to diagnose and monitor liver diseases. The finger-prick blood test can help identify whether there is damage to the liver, how well the liver is functioning, and the cause of any liver problems.


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What does it test for?
  • Bilirubin
  • ALP
  • ALT
  • GGT
  • Total Protein
  • Albumin
  • Globulin
Liver Blood Test
Liver Blood Test
Liver Blood Test
Liver Blood Test
Liver Blood Test
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When red blood cells break down they produced a brownish-yellow pigment called Bilirubin. A build up of bilirubin within the bloodstream may be the cause of jaundice or liver disease.


Alanine transferase (ALT) is an enzyme produced in the heart and liver cells. The testing of ALT will detect how much ALT is in the bloodstream but cannot show how much damage has been caused to the liver. The test is important to determine the health of the liver especially if drugs, heavy alcohol use or viruses (hepatitis) have been present. Lower ALT results have mostly indicated a healthy liver but healthy ALT ranges will depend on many factors, such as age and sex.

Total Protein

Total Protein measures the amount of two classes of proteins present in the blood: Albumin and Globulin. Albumin is mainly responsible for preventing the fluid in the bloodstream from leaking out. Whereas Globulin is produced by the liver as well as the immune system. The function of globulin is to strengthen the immune system by fighting germs as well as infections.


Globulin is a group of proteins produced by the liver and the immune system of the body. Globulin helps to keep the body healthy and fight infections as well as germs. Globulin is also very important to create blood clots and avoid excessive external bleeding caused by injury.


Alkaline Phosphate (ALP) is an enzyme that is found in the liver, kidney, bones and digestive system. If ALP levels are detected in the bloodstream and are above the reference range, it indicates liver disease or bone disorder.


The gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) test is undertaken to measure the amount of the GGT enzyme in the blood. GGT's function in the body is to transport molecules and aid the metabolization of toxins and drugs within the liver. A high GGT reading can be due to liver damage or disease, these may include hepatitis or cirrhosis. Testing Gamma GT is also important for bile duct infection and monitoring alcohol abuse.


Albumin is a protein present in blood plasma and plays a binding role like SHBG. Albumin is produced by the liver. Albumin will help to detect any issues in the functioning of the kidney or liver. It prevents the fluid in blood vessels from leaking out.

Why take the test?

The Liver Blood Test can help diagnose any inflammation of the liver. The function of the liver is to digest food and excrete any waste. Due to genetic or external factors, such as alcohol consumption and unhealthy diets, the liver can be scarred (cirrhosis) leading to liver failure. Early diagnosis can help with treatment. Liver health can be maintained by following a healthy lifestyle.

Additional Information

The most common type of liver blood test is the alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test. ALT is an enzyme that is released into the bloodstream when the liver is injured or damaged. A high level of ALT in the blood may indicate a problem with the liver. Other types of liver blood tests include the aspartate aminotransferase (AST) test, gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) test, and prothrombin time (PT) test.

Your doctor may order a liver blood test if you have symptoms of a liver problem, such as abdominal pain, jaundice, or fatigue. The test can also be used to monitor the progress of a liver disease or treatment.

If you are scheduled for a liver blood test, avoid eating anything for 12 hours before the test. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are taking any medications, including over-the-counter medications and supplements.

Have you been feeling any of these symptoms lately?

The Liver Blood Test is suitable for individuals experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

1. Jaundice i.e. yellowness of the skin

2. swelling in the stomach region

3. unusual swelling of feet and legs 

4. Nausea

5. Change in colour of urine or stools

of Liver Disease
can be prevented by following a healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Early diagnosis by taking a blood test can help with treatment.
of all liver disease
is due to the overconsumption of alcohol. The recommended limit is to not exceed 14 units of alcohol per week.
Expert’s Opinion

Experts Opinion on Liver Home Tests

"As a doctor, this test is useful for three things: to check how the liver is functioning, to see if there is any damage caused to the liver by any external factors (such as drug use, excessive alcohol use, pathogens or infection), and for drug monitoring."

Dr Sameer Nakedar
Experts Opinion on Liver Home Tests

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