Allergies & Hay Fever Treatment

Allergies & Hay Fever Treatment

Getting out during the warmer months can offer various mental and physical health benefits. But hay fever and seasonal allergies can make a trip outdoors unpleasant. That's why we offer the most effective natural and medicinal treatments to reduce seasonal allergies instantly.

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  • Fast-acting relief within 5 - 10 minutes
    Fast-acting relief within 5 - 10 minutes
  • Helps to reduces blockages and ease breathing
    Helps to reduces blockages and ease breathing
  • Support from UK Clinicians available 24/7
    Support from UK Clinicians available 24/7
  • Alleviates symptoms of allergies and hay fever
    Alleviates symptoms of allergies and hay fever
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What is an allergy?

An allergy is the body's reaction to a particular food or substance. Allergies are very common and can range from mildly irritating symptoms to severe reactions. They are caused by the immune system responding to something as if it's harmful.

How is hay fever treated?

Because hay fever is an allergy response, an antihistamine can be used to lessen the symptoms. Antihistamines block the histamine response that has been triggered by an allergen. The histamines are responsible for the symptoms associated with hay fever allergies, so the antihistamines work to prevent them from causing the uncomfortable symptoms.

of adults in the UK are affected by hay fever

According to Allergy UK, allergic rhinitis, also known as hey fever, affects 26% of adults and 10-15% of children in the UK.

of adult patients with hay fever have sleep problems

According to Allergy UK, up to 57% of adult patients and up to 88% of children who have hay fever also have sleep problems that lead to daytime fatigue.

Allergy Treatments Explained

Allergy Treatments Explained

“If you're one of the millions of people who suffer from allergies or hay fever, you know how miserable they can make you feel. Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and throat, watery eyes, and congestion can make it hard to get through the day. Some people find relief from their allergy & hay fever symptoms by making lifestyle changes!”

Dr Sameer Nakedar
MBBS (London), MRCGP, PGCert
Allergy Treatments Explained
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What triggers hay fever?

Hay fever is an allergic response to the pollen from plants. It is usually activated when the pollen comes into contact with your mouth, nose, eyes and throat.

What are the most common allergy symptoms?

The symptoms of allergic reactions can vary but usually happen quickly, they can include:


A runny or blocked nose

Red, itchy or watery eyes

Wheezing and coughing

A red, itchy rash

The worsening of asthma or eczema symptoms.

How long does it take to receive my order?

All orders placed before 14:00 from Monday to Friday will be dispatched that day. The orders are sent using 24 Hour Tracked delivery provided by Royal Mail. Items will usually arrive the very next day after the order has been placed. We also provide tracking for your orders to check the status and location of your parcel.

How is the medication packaged?

All our medication is packaged in plain confidential padded white or brown envelopes. This ensures that your orders are discreet, and the content of the orders will be for your eyes only.

Can I return my order?

For non-medicinal products, you are eligible to return the product within 14 days of receipt in the same packaging you received. For medicinal products, you are eligible to cancel the order only until it has been dispatched. From that point forward, you are no longer eligible to return the order.

Is this medication suitable for me?

Please get in touch with a doctor if you are unsure what medication is suitable for you. You can also complete our online consultation form to check your eligibility for the product.

How long does hay fever last?

Hay fever usually affects people the most when it's warm, humid or windy especially from late March to September and can last months.

What is allergy medication?

Allergy medications usually include antihistamines to lessen the body's reaction to the irritant. Antihistamines can be used to relieve symptoms when they come on or to prevent them, used commonly to avoid hay fever. A decongestant is also a medication used, they are a short-term treatment that can relieve a blocked nose.

What is an online consultation?

An online consultation checks if you are eligible to purchase the product. Some products only require an online consultation which approximately takes 1 minute to complete, enabling you to buy the product. Other products will also require a prescription; in this case, you will need to complete the online consultation, and then one of our partner pharmacy prescribers or doctors will review the online consultation questions and approve the order for delivery if you are eligible to purchase the item.

When will my order be delivered?

If you have placed an order before 14:00 Monday to Friday, you will receive the order the next day.

Can I cancel my order?

You have the right to cancel your order for medication up to the point when your medication is dispatched.

Can I order this if I am under 18 years old?

No, we do not accept orders from individuals under 18. All orders must be placed by adults only.

What are the different types of allergy medication?

Allergies cause a range of reactions therefore a variety of products are available to manage the symptoms. Eye drops, nasal sprays, topical creams and tablets are recommended to treat different symptoms either to prevent or manage the allergic reaction. For example, creams can be applied to skin rashes as it occurs whilst hayfever medication can be taken throughout certain seasons to minimise the severity of symptoms.

Why do allergies present themselves in different ways?

Allergies can become apparent on the skin or cause an internal reaction. It is due to different stimuli and how you came into contact with it. Ingested food is more likely to cause internal symptoms whereas allergic triggers in the environment are more prone to present themselves on the skin. For example, lactose intolerance causes uncomfortable bodily reactions (vomiting and diarrhoea) whilst airborne allergies such as dust, pollen and pollution produce similar allergic reactions (sneezing, swelling and itchiness).

What are the most common allergies in the UK?

The most common allergies the UK population are reported to suffer from include hayfever, peanuts, milk, animal fur, dust and particular medications. The amount of hayfever sufferers is rising year after year due to environmental factors such as increasing levels of pollution.

How to prevent allergies from occurring?

Allergic reactions can be managed or minimised by using techniques and treatments. Medication in the form of tablets and steroid creams can be used to treat mild allergic reactions. Medical professionals also advise having as little contact with allergic triggers as possible to avoid outbreaks o symptoms. Finally, your doctor may suggest desensitisation (immunotherapy) in cases of severe allergic reactions, whereby your body is carefully exposed to allergic stimuli over time.