Scars, Cellulite & Stretch Marks

While these concerns are natural and harmless, people often prefer to remove or reduce their appearance. Find out more below.

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Scars, Cellulite & Stretch Marks

How do you categorise each one?

A scar is a mark on the skin left after a wound or injury has healed. Cellulite is a bumpy texture on the skin caused by fatty tissue deep in the skin. It's more common in women and those aged over 30. Stretch marks are lines or streaks on the skin that may occur after a sudden growth or weight gain.

How can they be treated?

Scars and stretch marks usually fade over time without completely disappearing. Cellulite can be dealt with by losing fat cells through cardiovascular or strength training exercises. More involved treatments range from acoustic wave therapy, massage, subcision, surgery or microdermabrasion to lessen the appearance of these concerns.

of women are affected by cellulite

According to UK Health Centre, approximately 85% of all women are affected by cellulite. About 90% of all pregnant women will also get stretch marks.

of men will suffer from stretch marks at some point

According to Silderm, less than half of all men will have stretch marks at some point in their lives.

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“Most of us have them, but nobody likes to talk about them – scars, cellulite and stretch marks. So what can you do about these unsightly blemishes? If you have a scar that is bothering you, there are several things you can do to help reduce its appearance. There are a number of different types of scars, including acne scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. Each type of scar has its own unique characteristics and requires different treatment methods!”

Dr Sameer Nakedar
MBBS (London), MRCGP, PGCert
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What are the different types of scars?

There are many kinds of scars. The most common is a normal fine-line scar that occurs after a minor wound, these are also common after surgery. A keloid and hypertrophic scar is the overgrowth of tissue due to an excess of collagen at the site of a wound. A pitted or sunken scar can be caused by acne or chickenpox. A scar contracture is a scar caused by burns due to the shrinking of the skin.

What is the difference between cellulite and fat?

Cellulite forms due to the interaction between the fat and connective tissue below the surface of the skin. The name cellulite is given to the dimpling appearance of the skin where fat is an energy store for the body.

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Do you get stretch marks during pregnancy?

Stretch marks are caused when the skin is stretched and are very common in pregnancy. Due to the growth of your abdomen during pregnancy, the skin stretches to accommodate and stretch marks form.

Can I treat cellulite at home?

There are several ways of reducing cellulite at home which may work. Massage is thought to improve lymphatic drainage which may stretch out the dimples. Another way is to take bioactive collagen peptide supplements. Other ways include drinking more water and losing weight.

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