Nickel Blood Test


A Nickel Blood Test is a blood test that measures the amount of nickel in your blood. This test can help to diagnose and monitor nickel allergies and other conditions that are related to nickel exposure.


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Nickel Blood Test
Nickel Blood Test
Nickel Blood Test
Nickel Blood Test
Nickel Blood Test
Nickel Blood Test
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Nickel is a trace element that is most commonly used in jewellery. Nickel can cause irritation to the human skin leading to rashes and allergic reactions. If nickel is inhaled, it may enter the respiratory tract and hence, be associated with asthma. Usually, the body has a mechanism to excrete any nickel that may be consumed due to long exposure however, in some cases, it will cause an allergic reaction or inflammation of the lungs.

Why take the test?

The Nickel Blood Test screens for any allergic reactions caused due to long exposure to nickel. The blood test will detect the presence of nickel in your blood. Along with the report, we also provide our Certified Doctor's comments. Long exposure to nickel can cause rashes, severe itching, dryness and blisters on the skin. It can cause contact dermatitis for those working in the metal industry and hence, they should consider getting tested.

Additional Information

People who are at risk for nickel allergies or other conditions related to nickel exposure may need to get a nickel blood test. Some people who may need this test include:

-People with known nickel allergies

-People who work with metals that contain nickel, such as jewellery makers or welders

-People who eat a lot of foods that contain nickel, such as shellfish or chocolate

-People who have been exposed to high levels of nickel in the environment

The results of a nickel blood test can help to diagnose and monitor nickel allergies and other conditions related to nickel exposure. If your test results show that you have a high level of nickel in your blood, this may indicate that you are allergic to nickel. If your test results are normal, this may mean that you are not allergic to nickel. However, further testing may be needed to determine if you have any other conditions related to nickel exposure.

Additional Insight from Dr Sameer Nakedar, MBBS, MRCGP, PGCert

Nickel is a trace element, often found in many products. It is found in jewellery, paint products, coins, as well as some plastics, magnets and chemicals. 

Therefore, Nickel can come in contact with the body from direct skin contact by touching these products or breathing in dust and fumes containing Nickel.

Have you been feeling any of these symptoms lately?

The Nickel Blood Test is suitable for individuals experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: 

1. Itching 

2. Extreme skin dryness causing redness 

3. Visible blisters in the skin 

4. Eczema

of women
can be allergic to Nickel. Long exposure to nickel can lead to hypersensitivity causing allergic reactions.
Mg of Nickel
can cause dermatitis in Nickel-Allergic Individuals. Surgical and dental implants can also release nickel ions leading to allergies.
Expert’s Opinion

Experts Opinion on Nickel Blood Tests

"This test can tell you the levels of Nickel in your blood, which may help you make some adjustments and be safer and healthier. Too high levels can be associated with allergy, asthma, contact dermatitis and urticaria."

Dr Sameer Nakedar
Experts Opinion on Nickel Blood Tests

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