How to register a venous blood test

Follow our simple step by step instructions on how to register a venous blood test and book your appointment with our clinic partners at Superdrug.

  • Receive Your Testing Pack

    Your testing pack will be dispatched Monday to Friday. Orders placed before 14:00 will be sent out on the same day. Please make sure not to tamper with your test pack, as these should only be opened by the nurse at the time of the appointment itself. 

  • Book online

    Once you have received your kit use the following link to book your appointment: click here. Then select the location you would like to have your appointment at, if you cannot find availability for the time you are after, please contact Superdrug directly as we cannot alter booking times.

  • Enter your details

    Select “Venous Sample Collection” from the drop-down and then select “Pre-paid venous sample collection”. You will be asked to enter your details and to also enter your credit card information. These details are only used to charge a cancellation fee by Superdrug, but you won’t be charged for the appointment.

  • Attend your appointment

    Make sure to bring the Welzo venous blood testing pack to your appointment, otherwise, the nurse won’t be able to take your blood!

  • Register your test

    Using the unique test code on the lab form that comes with your kit, register your details online. This can be done by heading to: This is important, as we won't be able to send you your results without this step.

  • Important Tips

    • Drink plenty of water before your appointment to stay hydrated; this aids in making the sample collection process smoother.
    • Do not open the test pack; it should only be opened by the nurse during your appointment.
    • Arrive at your appointment on time with your ID and Welzo venous blood testing pack.