Creatine Kinase Blood Test

Creatine Kinase Blood Test

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The creatine kinase (CK) blood test is used to measure the level of this enzyme in the blood. CK, also called creatinine phosphokinase (CPK), plays an important role in energy metabolism, and normal levels are essential for good health.

There are actually several different types of CK that can be measured using the CK blood test. These include:

* CPK-MM, which indicates muscle damage;

* CPK-MB, which shows heart damage or injury; and

* CPK-BB, which is a form associated with brain tissue injury or disease. The precise function of each type varies depending on where it's found in the body. For example, BB may be increased in a brain injury or disease, as may MB.

Many different conditions can increase an individual's CK levels. Some common ones include exercise and muscle injuries like strains, tears, or cramps; infections like the flu; heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat); heart attacks; and high blood pressure (hypertension). There is also a rare genetic condition that can cause extremely elevated CK levels.

Because there are so many potential causes of high CK levels, it's important to talk with your healthcare provider about what might be causing your results before you try to interpret them on your own. The test should always be interpreted in conjunction with other information such as symptoms and family history. This can help determine whether treatment is necessary and if so, what kind.

Based on the results, your healthcare provider can suggest lifestyle changes, medication, or other medical intervention. For example, a CK test result that is higher than normal after exercising may indicate that you should adjust your workout routine to prevent injury. If the CK level stays high for an extended period of time, it could be a sign of serious health issues such as heart disease or infections. In these cases, appropriate treatment will depend on what's causing it. For more information about what might be causing your abnormal results and individualized recommendations from a healthcare provider, talk with your doctor today.

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