What does ICL mean?

What does ICL mean?

ICL is a novel surgical procedure for eye defects.

ICL surgery procedure

Most of us suffer defects of vision at some stage in our life. According to the NHS, there are more than 340k registered blind in the British Isles. A lot of options are available for vision defects. In the surgical domain, LASIK (a trending slang for laser eye surgery) continues to be the mainstay, but recently, a new surgical procedure by the name ICL has been introduced. It is the abbreviation word for Implantable contact lens surgery. The ICL stands for implantable Collamer lens. It is the acronym of the lens used in the procedure.

This surgical procedure involves the delivery of a lens to the eyes and is a permanent solution to vision issues without the need of any maintenance. However, an expert and qualified surgeon are needed.

How is this surgery done?

ICL surgery can lessen the need for contact lenses and glasses

In this procedure, an ICL lens (here, ICL stand for Implantable Collamer lens) is inserted between the natural lens and iris. The result will be to modify the focusing power of the natural lens and eliminate the need for contact lenses and eyeglasses. The implantation of a lens between the iris and the natural lens will focus the light properly on the retina and improves vision.

How is the ICL lens different?

The lens used in this procedure is made up of collagen and plastic and has a minimum risk of causing allergic reactions.

This lens offers other benefits too. It is biocompatible and flexible. Besides improving vision, it also protects the vision from ultraviolet radiation.

When to go for ICL?

eye health and check-ups are important

It offers a good and permanent solution to nearsightedness issues. If you felt no relief from LASIK, you can consider it. If the traditional LASIK procedure could not be done due to one reason or the other, e.g., very thin cornea, consult the ophthalmologist about it.

This procedure is good for young people in the age group 20-45 years having mild to severe myopia (-3D to -20D).

It will be a worthy option if you have a dry eye complaint and if your lens power has not changed in the past year. Safe implantation of the lens requires a good density of endothelial cells and sufficient depth of the anterior chamber.

Is it safe?

It is a relatively safe procedure and requires only 30 minutes with mild sedation and local anaesthesia. Since its introduction in 1993, nearly a million cases have undergone this procedure with a minimum risk of complications provided all safety precautions during the procedure and a proper follow-up after it was done. It also doesn't involve any risk to the integrity or shape of the eyes and offers minimum risk. However, before scheduling a date, the ophthalmologist will ask you to undergo a complete physical and biological examination to ensure its suitability and ensure successful treatment.

End note

Although laser surgery continues to be the most commonly used surgical procedure, ICL surgery is rapidly gaining fame due to its low risk of infection and better spectrum of benefits.

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