What Is My Hormone Type?

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Identify your hormonal imbalance for improvement in your health.

Your dietary and lifestyle requirements vary depending upon your hormone type. What is your hormone type? A number of websites provide an online questionnaire that allows you to determine your hormone type. However, the following article will help you to understand the basics of hormone types.

What is a hormone type?

Hormone type is less concerned with the hormone label i.e., progesterone and oestrogen and is more about the dynamics of the hormones and their interplay with one another i.e., how hormones flow and reach a peak and what dietary approach can increase the production of important hormones e.g., the stress hormone and fat burning hormones. It is also linked with hormonal imbalance e.g., too much oestrogen can increase weight and disturb your menstrual cycle. Similarly, thyroid hormones and growth hormones can influence your metabolism and growth.

Your body produces a number of feedback clues that help you to know the nature of hormones flowing in your body. These clues are, sleep, hunger, mood, energy and cravings (SHMEC). The understanding of these clues combined with your self feelings can allow you to balance your hormones.

Why should you know your hormone type?

Understanding your hormone type is important for the following reasons.

It helps you to lose weight

Excess belly fat damages your health. Research has indicated that weight loss becomes impossible if you have any hormonal disturbances. An important example is cortisol levels. It is produced by your body in response to any stress. Continuous exposure to stress will result in a continuous flow of cortisol in the blood and persistent activation of the body systems, thus affecting your mental, energy levels, behavioural and physical functions. High cortisol levels also promote hunger and you will gain weight despite all measures.

If you note such problems, you can add cortisol-reducing activities to your daily routine e.g., a relaxing walk and spending time with friends. You will be able to maintain a healthy weight even when taking healthy fats. Intense exercise should be avoided.

It helps you to make lifestyle changes

You need to adjust your lifestyle along with your diet for maximum benefits. If you have low cortisol levels, replacing a slow and relaxing walk with a power walk could benefit you more. Similarly, if you are diabetic, knowing your hormone type will enable you to maintain blood sugar.

It helps you to balance the hormones

Balanced hormones are vital for your body. For example, the progesterone levels drop in at a later age and a progesterone deficient female will not be able to maintain pregnancy. Similarly, the proper secretions of adrenal glands are important for the regulation of blood pressure, handling too much stress, metabolism, immunity etc... Understanding the hormone type will allow a metabolic renewal.

What are some tools that allow you to determine your hormone type?

Hormonal balance is determined by various dietary, physiochemical, behavioural and biological factors.

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