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What is BB cream? - welzo

What’s covered?

What exactly is BB cream? BB stands for 'blemish balm' or 'beauty balm'.

When women in South Korea demanded an alternative to a traditional foundation, which was too heavy and thick for their changing beauty preferences, BB Creams emerged onto the Korean cosmetics scene. Even while BB creams are lighter than typical cream foundations, they nevertheless provide medium to full coverage.

What advantages can BB cream offer us? Because of its softer texture, BB cream can also serve as a primer by balancing skin tone to prepare the face for seamless makeup application. For those of you trying to streamline your daily beauty and skincare routine and reduce the number of steps, it frequently contains hydrating elements, which can be a dream come true for many ladies.

BB Creams vs CC Cream or DD Cream?

What is BB cream? has now been clarified, so let's move on to other topics. The BB or CC cream is likely familiar to you if you've heard of BB cream beauty products. As previously discussed, BB and CC creams are designed to provide the nutrients needed, clean skin, and make it healthy, just like a balm, while also offering varying degrees of coverage.

The BB Cream can hide flaws due to its medium-full, buildable coverage while a CC cream uses light-diffusing ingredients to conceal redness and even out skin tone. Last but not least, the terminology "DD" stands for daily defence. Although DD creams have defensive elements, moisturizing ingredients, and skin benefits they typically don't offer as much coverage as BB creams.

Beauty Balm

The organic BB creams deliver radiant skin, lighter coverage, and moisturization in one luxurious makeup product experience. It is perfect for long-lasting wear and natural finish that is non-flaky and clump-free because of its light coverage and creamy components. BB creams are designed to give your skin a dewy, luminous glow while also helping to conceal wrinkles and scars. Therefore, as mentioned you can build up the coverage from medium to full, for a flawless complexion and matte finish.

What are the benefits of BB cream?

A BB cream is an all-in-one skin care product where you can receive the added skin benefits of two or three distinct products in a single bottle, this saves time and money. Here are three additional justifications for picking a BB cream as your base.

  • Multitasking, all-in-one treatments

The main benefit of BB cream is that it is a cosmetics and skincare item in one. It can help your skin with just a single use. According to a makeup artist and beauty expert, they combine the benefits of an SPF skin care product, an anti-ageing moisturizer, and a tinted moisturizer.

  • A lght and natural look

A BB cream will sit as a lighter finish on the skin. Furthermore, using BB cream with your fingers makes it simple and enables the product to seamlessly blend into the skin for fuss-free makeup application. BB cream is light enough and can also be worn beneath a layer of conventional foundation for people who need greater coverage while also preserving their natural beauty.

  • Cover any blemishes or imperfections

BB cream might be beneficial for acne-prone skin or for those who need to cover imperfections. The calming minerals in BB cream formulas can help address the problem of pimples and even out your skin. The skin which is prone to acne will also gain from the product's lightweight texture, which lets the skin breathe and maintain a natural look.

Is BB cream suitable for all skin types?

BB creams can be used by oily, dry, acne-prone and sensitive skin. But there are some complications to be certain of. If your skin is more oily than normal, you should choose a BB cream with the substance of humectants to provide your skin with the necessary amount of hydration.

How To Apply BB Cream

Have you tried doing BB cream but weren't able to understand the build-up? When it comes to bb cream application, remember that practice makes perfect, and once you've mastered the technique, you'll feel like a true pro. Read this step-by-step guide for easy application!

  1. On the back of your hand, drop a small amount of the formula; it is advised to start with a dime to a nickel-sized dollop. You shouldn't apply BB Cream on your face like a thick paste. Instead of feeling like a thick coating of frosting, it is meant to serve as a thin foundation veil.
  2. Start by dabbing the formula onto your Brush, then delicately dotting it all over your face. The forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose are the key areas to focus on. Your BB Cream dots will be more uniformly distributed if you do this.
  3. Apply your BB Cream all over your skin in circular motions using your brush. Instead of pulling and smearing, you will tap and pat. Starting in the middle of your face, move outward. Make sure to lightly buff, mix, and buff some more when you reach your chin and neck area to avoid leaving a noticeable foundation line.
  4. Take a moment to evaluate after applying and buffing in your initial layer of BB Cream. Are there any little imperfections, such as a scar, dark spots, or discolouration, that could use a little extra attention? If the result is affirmative, softly mix after adding a few more tiny dots. The addition of layers is simpler than their removal.

It is as simple as that!


What to look for when purchasing a BB cream?

Accordingly, you should search for a water-based composition if you have oily skin. Choose a BB cream with kaolin clay if you need oil-free skin because it helps to absorb excess oil without causing skin irritation. To further prevent irritation, stay away from fragranced products and choose hypoallergenic formulas instead. SPF is often also found in BB cream and can provide sun protection.

The possible side effects

In general, BB cream offers a great option for those looking for a foundation with added skincare benefits. However, before buying a product, you might want to think about potential drawbacks too:

  • They can make the skin lighter

Because certain BB cream formulations lighten the skin, buyers should carefully read the package prior to making a purchase. The wrong product choice might leave the skin looking boring and lifeless.

  • SPF protection might not be sufficient

Although BB creams include an SPF, It is claimed that they also give the impression of protection. Most women do not apply enough makeup to their faces to achieve enough SPF protection. As a result, BB cream users who prefer sheer coverage, or are just hardly covered will less likely to apply enough of the product to get the SPF protection listed on the bottle. It is advised to use broad-spectrum SPF when going outside to address this.

  • 3. For dry skin, the moisturizing benefit might not be sufficient

Consumers with dry skin tones may believe that the BB cream's moisturizing properties will fully hydrate their skin, but it is cautioned that this is not always the case. Layer a separate moisturizer underneath the BB cream to solve this issue.

Key Points

A simple yet effective technique to add a touch of colour to your complexion while simultaneously hydrating and shielding your face from damaging UV rays is to incorporate a BB cream into your regular daily skincare routine. If you're looking to reduce the skin care products in your morning routine, then consider trying BB cream. It's always a good idea to see an aesthetician or cosmetic expert to get the best BB cream for your skin type and tone so that you can get that missing spark.

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