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Healthy food

What is the healthiest type of diet?

A happy healthy diet is important for everyone and this needs to become a habit, a ‘healthy lifestyle’. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle does not mean eating only fruits and vegetables because not everyone likes that and is understandable. A healthy diet means giving your body the food that the organism needs in terms of foods containing the important vitamins that our body requires without cutting off completely the type of foods that we like which might be junk food.

What does the body need?

However, it is possible to have a healthy diet if you know your body’s needs and wants. The healthiest type of diet is not about cutting off carbs and sugars, but it is about maintaining a balance, for example, 80 per cent of the food needs to be high on proteins and vitamins and the other 20 per cent can be whenever your body needs something sweet or anything else.

Furthermore, the healthiest type of diet starts with a healthy mindset in terms of deciding what is best for you and your body. Nowadays when we feel bad, we crave sweets or junk food thinking that this will be the solution to make us feel better which sometimes might work, but more important is what if we start to think differently. For example, I will not put my happiness into this chocolate I will decide on my happiness, and I will take good care of my body.

Why is it important to be healthy?

Despite this, what is more, important than choosing to live healthily and consuming healthy diets is about feeling comfortable in your skin in your shape also. Therefore, a healthy type of diet is not about looks but it is about having strong immunity and organism which will make us feel better. Before we jump into healthy diets, we need to know what type of foods our body tolerates and what it does not, apart from that the most important thing is about checking up on our organism our blood, and everything in it.

When we say healthy diet we think immediately about fruits, vegetables, and food that we do not like but is healthy, which is very normal, but we can find our healthy way of dieting with a bit of help such as not seeing the food the way that we do ‘the good and the bad’ but thinking that as long as it is good for me I will respect my diet and my body. A healthy diet should not be an obligation for us but an objective that we need to achieve to live happily and not deal with health problems because most health problems come from poor diets. When I say poor diets, I mean poor in vitamins that we might not be able to take.

Other than that, we need to start living healthy to have a healthy diet, give our body what it needs to be healthy, and last but not least we need to remember that everything starts with our mind because nobody is perfect and that is what makes us unique in our way.

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