What's for tea?

a cup of tea

Tea has long been a part of western culture.

Tea is a very common beverage throughout the world. The UK tea market is growing rapidly as data suggests that 68% of the Britishers take at least one cup daily and 21% take 3-4 cups daily. The average British citizen consumes about 1.04kg of tea annually.

While you may like to have a cup of tea with your friends during a break or after a meal, some simple ideas can enrich your tea party. All you need is a slow cooker and other relevant equipment. With proper planning, you can make the tea party a memorable event. Hope you will love these ideas.

Plan a perfect theme

Decorations and a proper dress code are essential elements of a successful tea party. You can search for many useful ideas from different sources. Don't worry if you can't cook. Tea is more of an art and less of a meal.

Submit the invitations a day ahead

Always invite your friends and family members at least 1-2 weeks earlier through an attractive invitation card. Request them to accept and sign (if you are using a digital card) it. Besides mentioning the time, date and site, also mention the menu of the party. Request them to give their ideas and suggestions.

Relish the appetite of guests with perfect cooking ideas and services

A tea party is not just limited to a few sips of hot liquid. It could be more sophisticated than a dinner party. You should create an illustrated menu involving salad, beef steaks, rice etc... Always have something special for the kids. The following food items could make an English tea party more memorable.

  • English scones served with whipped cream, jams and butter.

  • Fill your freezer with British desserts and serve them to the guests. British cakes, pastries, toffee puddling, raspberry Bakewell tart.


Finger sandwiches are prepared from thin bread slices and given a triangular cut.

Look for any new services and new cooking ideas on YouTube and other sources.

Make an artistic display

Give your internal artist full opportunity to reveal itself. Decorate your servings with a beautiful cloth and use a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers where needed. Use beautiful trays with intricate designs to display your services.

Decide something for fun

A tea party would be incomplete without music. Select a suitable background music playlist. Classical music with a refreshing background theme could be a very useful idea. Some fun games would make your party very enjoyable.

An excellent idea would be to engage your guests with a 'Who Am I?' type of game. A sticky note will be affixed to the forehead and ask the guests to guess it by moving from one person to the other and asking.

Plan ahead

A party is all about earlier planning. Plan all these events and activities the day ahead. Take the services of a famous party manager if you need them.

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