Snoring Treatment

Snoring occurs when airways narrow and constrict airflow, leading to a vibrating sound. A cold or allergy can worsen snoring, find our range of snoring treatments below.

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Snoring Treatment

What causes snoring?

There are many reasons why you may be snoring. Outside factors such as an illness or allergy can restrict airflow and lead to snoring. Snoring can also be caused if you have enlarged tonsils, tongue or mouth tissue. If you have excess fat buildup on the neck, airflow may become restricted.

Is snoring unhealthy?

Snoring can cause poor and interrupted sleep which can potentially be dangerous. Snoring can also be a sign of sleep apnoea which is a serious medical condition that requires treatment. Sleep apnoea can cause an increased risk of Hypertension, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Cerebral Vascular Accidents and even motor car accidents due to poor functioning and concentration.

of the UK population snore

According to BSSAA, there are approximately 15 million snorers in the UK making up 41.5% of the adult population.

of snorers are aged between 50-59 years

According to BSSAA, the largest proportion of snorers are aged between 50 and 59 years.

Expert’s Opinion on Snoring Treatment

“There are a number of snoring treatments available to help you stop snoring. Some people may need surgery to treat their snoring, but there are a number of nonsurgical options that may work for you. Weight loss is one of the most effective snoring treatments. Avoiding alcohol and sedatives before bedtime can also help to reduce or eliminate snoring. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in your throat, which can make snoring worse!”

Dr Sameer Nakedar
MBBS (London), MRCGP, PGCert
Expert’s Opinion on Snoring Treatment
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How can I stop my snoring?

To treat snoring it's important to figure out the reasons behind the snoring in the first place. The lifestyles that may be increasing snoring include smoking, excess drinking and being overweight. There are also physical conditions that may be blocking the airways and causing snoring, these can be treated by a doctor and sometimes require surgery.

What causes snoring in females?

The causes for snoring in women are the same as in men, an obstructed airway that causes a humming sound. Other causes of snoring in women can include sleep apnoea during menopause, menopause, being overweight, pregnancy, fatigue and polycystic ovary syndrome.

How long does it take to receive my order?

All orders placed before 14:00 from Monday to Friday will be dispatched that day. The orders are sent using 24 Hour Tracked delivery provided by Royal Mail. Items will usually arrive the very next day after the order has been placed. We also provide tracking for your orders to check the status and location of your parcel.

How is the medication packaged?

All our medication is packaged in plain confidential padded white or brown envelopes. This ensures that your orders are discreet, and the content of the orders will be for your eyes only.

Can I return my order?

For non-medicinal products, you are eligible to return the product within 14 days of receipt in the same packaging you received. For medicinal products, you are eligible to cancel the order only until it has been dispatched. From that point forward, you are no longer eligible to return the order.

Is this medication suitable for me?

Please get in touch with a doctor if you are unsure what medication is suitable for you. You can also complete our online consultation form to check your eligibility for the product.

What are snoring aids?

Snoring aids are devices and objects used to lessen your snoring. If your tongue is blocking the back of your throat, you can wear a device that brings the tongue forward. Similarly, there are devices that hold the mouth and nose open that improve your breathing.

How can I stop snoring immediately?

To stop snoring quickly, try sleeping on your side.

What is an online consultation?

An online consultation checks if you are eligible to purchase the product. Some products only require an online consultation which approximately takes 1 minute to complete, enabling you to buy the product. Other products will also require a prescription; in this case, you will need to complete the online consultation, and then one of our partner pharmacy prescribers or doctors will review the online consultation questions and approve the order for delivery if you are eligible to purchase the item.

When will my order be delivered?

If you have placed an order before 14:00 Monday to Friday, you will receive the order the next day.

Can I cancel my order?

You have the right to cancel your order for medication up to the point when your medication is dispatched.

Can I order this if I am under 18 years old?

No, we do not accept orders from individuals under 18. All orders must be placed by adults only.