Welzo Acquires Meedoc.com

Welzo Acquires Meedoc.com - welzo

Welzo Acquires Meedoc.com as it Enters the Telehealthcare Market

Welzo has completed its purchase of Meedoc.com. Meedoc was originally established in Finland, Helsinki in 2012 as a telemedicine healthcare service.

History of Meedoc

Meedoc was established to provide easy access to doctors online, via a smartphone or computer. This enables instant access to expert guidance and support from trained medical professionals.

The technology works with customers and patients booking an appointment online and then getting a designated almost instant slot to speak with a healthcare professional.

Why has Welzo Acquired Meedoc.com?

As the UK's leading digital healthcare platform offering personalised blood tests, digital consultations and e-prescriptions online, adding virtual consultations with doctors is the next logically step in the growth of Welzo. By acquiring Meedoc.com, Welzo plans on accelerating the launch of its online GP consultation service.

The launch date for Welzo telemedicine services is set for late September, once the first two modules of its tech platform have been completed.


What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services, such as diagnosis and treatment, using telecommunication technologies. It allows patients to consult with medical professionals without having to travel to a healthcare facility.

Telemedicine can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

- Consultations between specialist doctors and primary care physicians

- Follow-up appointments after discharge from the hospital

- Management of chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease

- Remote monitoring of patient's vital signs

- Delivery of mental health services

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular due to the level of privacy offered for more personal healthcare matters.

These include:

Erectile Dysfunction


Hair Loss

Weight Loss

Benefits of telemedicine include improved access to healthcare, increased efficiency and productivity, and better quality of care. Additionally, it can help to reduce costs by reducing the need for travel and accommodation.

There are some challenges associated with telemedicine, such as the need for reliable broadband connectivity and adequate training of staff. However, these challenges are generally outweighed by the potential benefits of the technology.

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How do Online GP Consultations Work?

An online GP consultation is a way of consulting with a doctor remotely, using video conferencing or another type of telecommunication.

The consultation will typically start with a brief questionnaire that the patient will need to fill out, which will help the doctor to understand the nature of the problem. The doctor will then ask questions and carry out a physical examination (if necessary), before coming to a diagnosis and providing treatment options.

online gp consultation

If you're considering an online GP consultation, it's important to make sure that you choose a reputable provider that uses high-quality technology and offers a service that is convenient for you. You should also check that your regular GP is happy for you to use this type of service.

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