What is NoFap? Benefits and disadvantages

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What is NoFap? Benefits and disadvantages

NoFap is a community forum that claims to help people who want to give up the habit of pornography and masturbation.

The NoFap community requires you to say 'no' to masturbation and porn addiction.

If you are addicted to masturbation, pornography, or any other compulsive sexual behaviour, this movement is something intended to help you. This community forum promises help you reduce or completely getting rid of these habits. But why did you need to get rid of these things first? Are they harmful? Let's explore their claims in the light of scientific evidence.

The NoFap community, the support group against masturbation and porn addiction

Although science rarely supports these claims, some people think that masturbation can negatively affect your life. The NoFap runs a website and describes itself as a "comprehensive community-based porn recovery site."

This community claims that avoiding masturbation can have several benefits for human health.

Say no to sexual addictions.

This organization derives its name from the word 'fap', the slang word for the supposed sound of masturbation. So, NoFap means 'no masturbation.' It started in 2011 when some people committed to abstaining from masturbation in an online discussion on Reddit.

Having begun as a simple discussion, it has now evolved into a full-fledged organization with its own aims and objectives.

What does the NoFap require from its members?

This organization requires its member to avoid masturbation, pornography and other addictive sexual habits to recover from the sexual dysfunction and enjoy additional benefits (as they claim). The community offers various services to its members. These include

  • Reading materials

  • Podcasts

  • Learning videos

  • Apps designed to track the abstinence from masturbation

  • Published success stories for motivation

Did science support its philosophy? What advantages and disadvantages can you expect by enrolling yourself in this community?

What are the claimed benefits of NoFap?

The community claims the following benefits for its members.

Mental health benefits

Although it requires at least a week's break from masturbation, prolonged abstinence is claimed to have the following mental benefits,

  • It heals the so-called 'masturbation addiction' and shifts a person towards the spiritual side of the relationship.

  • It induces more respect and appreciation for the opposite gender

  • It boosts your self-confidence, self-esteem and willpower

  • It creates more self-acceptance and happiness

  • It alleviates depression, anxiety and stress

The physical benefits

The organization claims the following physical benefits if you stick to its approach.

  • It remedies your erectile dysfunction and lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

  • It improves physical performance and stamina

  • Increases semen quality

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Allows you to enjoy a healthy and strong sleep

  • It strengthens the muscles and improves overall health

  • It improves concentration and mental clarity

Does science support these claims?

This community's main scientific base stems from a study published in the Journal of Zheijiang University in 2003, which claimed that abstinence from masturbation improved testosterone levels. A peak level was noted on the 7th day of abstinence.

An increase in testosterone level is known to improve energy levels, physical performance, growth of muscles and mood.

Science has distinguished myths from facts.

Besides this, no scientific research has confirmed the claimed benefits.

Where do the success stories come from?

If scientific evidence is limited, how did people post the benefits they enjoy by leaving masturbation? The answer is the "placebo effect". It means you take a thing with the expectation of certain uses and these expectations make you feel as if you are getting the benefits. The support and motivation of other community members also improve confidence. So, there is nothing wrong with the concept.

It doesn't mean that the claimed benefits are just a hoax. An earlier study has found that repeated masturbation reduces semen volume and density. More semen retention due to abstinence from porn and masturbation will improve the sex lives of the participants.

However, the same study also noted that the sperm morphology, motility and fertility were not influenced. 

You can discover many more potential benefits of NoFap from this piece here.

Are masturbation and porn harmful?

Many people tend to reject these habits due to religious or moral values (at least publicly). However, they are hardly harmful to your sexual health. Some researchers have noted otherwise. For example, masturbation seems to have the followings benefits;

  • It relieves tension

  • Improves mood

  • Induces sleep

  • Improves sexual function and performance

Similarly, no study has found that watching porn can harm you. The studies have found both advantages and disadvantages, both of which are mainly psychological. However for some, guilt after masturbation or pornography can influence your overall well-being by causing anxiety and depression.

Can you have any harm by enrolling in the community?

Can NoFap has any risks? Perhaps no. It is a voluntary organization; you can leave it as soon as you note any issues. A committed member can, however, miss the proven benefits of orgasm, sex, masturbation and ejaculation.

Take home message

The NoFap movement is aimed to help people come out of sexual addictions. It claims some benefits, e.g., higher testosterone levels, better partnered sexual behaviours etc. The scientific backing of these claims is limited at best. No study has proven any harmful health effects of sex, masturbation, pornography and higher ejaculation frequency.

You can use any road towards a better relationship.

However, it can positively affect your psyche if you are abhorrent to these things on social, moral and religious grounds. If you are not satisfied with their recommended lifestyle, you can leave it whenever desired. Participation in the community voluntary.

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