One of the most widely used drugs worldwide is valium. Valium has a history of legitimate medical use, but it can also be abused. Abuse of valium can result in addiction and other serious issues. You should get help as soon as you can if you or someone you care about is abusing valium.

Side Effects

Numerous long- and short-term side effects of valium are possible. Among the more typical side effects are:


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-Memory issues


-Coordination issues

In addition to these more typical side effects, abusing valium can result in more severe issues, such as:







Valium is available in a range of dosages, ranging from 2 mg to 10 mg. The typical dose is 5 mg. Abusing Valium typically involves taking 10–20 mg several times daily.
Withdrawing from valium may be uncomfortable or even harmful.


There are several appropriate medical uses for valium. It is frequently employed to treat seizures, muscle spasms, and anxiety. Alcohol withdrawal can also be treated with valium.

Valium is frequently abused even though it can be beneficial when taken as directed.