Welzo Acquires PDR Health

PDR Health

PDRhealth.com and its extensive database of patients lead information on medication and health conditions will be integrated into the Welzo Health Hub platform.

Welzo today announced that it has acquired PDR Health (pdrhealth.com). This comes after the HMI Group confirmed it had purchased pdrhealth.com and populated it with over 1000 different information sheets on medications and health conditions.

What does this mean for PDR Health and Welzo?

Following the successful launch of Welzo's Health Hub, a free patient resource providing answers to patients' most commonly asked questions, its acquisition of pdrhalth.com will grow the current information database threefold.

This will mean patients will have access to the combined knowledge of PDR Health and Welzo, two of the UK's leading and most prominent resources for healthcare information.

In PDRHealths prime, it had over 700,000 monthly visitors, which will now be combined with Welzo's growing audience.

What does this mean for Welzo Users?

This move will mean that users signed up to the Welzo platform will have access to the benefits of both PDR health and Welzo in one single platform.

Why did Welzo acquire PDR Health?

Both Welzo and PDR Health use the same datasets with similar target audiences in the UK. Both websites provide doctor-verified information on health care, conditions and treatments. PDR Health had a heavier emphasis on medications, including details such as generic vs trading terms of medication, which was aimed at healthcare professional audiences. Meanwhile, Welzo was aimed at educating the general public. By combining the two websites together, Welzo will be able to provide detailed information to both HPAs and consumers alike.

What topics and categories will be merged together?

Due to both sites having very similar data sets, Welzo has decided to merge certain popular category pages together.

These include:

Erectile Dysfunction

Men's Health

Women's Health

Thrush Treatment


This is not an extensive list, with close to 750 data sets matching between the two platforms.

In conclusion, PDRHealth.com marks the latest acquisition by Welzo, following a very successful soft launch and is in line with companies' plans to unify the healthcare industry in a single digital environment.

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