Benefits Of Alternative Contraceptives

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Numerous alternative contraceptives may assist in preventing you from becoming pregnant while also providing various advantages. These come in various types, such as barrier methods, the emergency contraceptive pill or combined pill, diaphragm or cervical cap, contraceptive implant, and other methods. For example, the pill may make your menstruation less unpleasant and more regular, cleaning up your skin and decreasing your chances of some malignancies.

Moreover, while birth control is the most prevalent reason for using the pill, some individuals utilise it for other reasons. Let us discover the various benefits of a different method of contraception in this article.

What Is Alternative Contraception?

Benefits of alternative contraceptives

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Alternative contraceptives are used during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and to protect you from various diseases you could get from sex, such as sexually transmitted infections. These are also the suggested methods by a doctor or nurse to help families with natural family planning. Birth control methods include:

  • Birth control pills

  • Male and female condoms

  • Vaginal rings

  • Intrauterine devices

  • Implants

What Are The Benefits Of Alternative Contraceptives?

Benefits of alternative contraceptives

Aside from preventing pregnancy, there are several advantages to using fertility awareness methods, which are listed below.

1. It Controls The Menstrual Period.

Benefits of alternative contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptive methods could aid in regulating the hormonal changes that take place during your menstrual cycle. This can not only assist in unprotected sex but also with a wide range of menstrual problems, such as irregular or heavy bleeding. Furthermore, it might aid in the signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome, such as excess hair and acne.

2. They Are Resistant To Illness.

Benefits of alternative contraceptives

Everybody gets sick now and then, and puking is never fun. Add to that the possibility that your birth control pill was not ingested properly, putting you in danger of becoming pregnant. Another advantage of emergency contraception that doesn't occur in an oral pill form is that the hormones remain to be supplied in your body even if you become unwell or vomit since they don't pass via your digestive system.

3. It Can Eliminate Hormonal Acne.

Benefits of alternative contraceptives

Hormonal variations are a frequent cause of significant acne. As a result, acne is most common throughout adolescence. The hormonal birth control method may assist in managing hormonal acne by reducing these variations. Furthermore, birth control tablets containing both progesterone and oestrogen are the most efficient acne treatments.

4. It Lowers Your Chances Of Developing Uterine Cancer.

Hormonal contraception has several long-term advantages. Women who use combined birth control pills are 50% less likely to develop urinary tract infections and uterine cancer. It may also minimise your likelihood of getting ovarian cancer.

5. It Lowers Your Chances Of Developing Ovarian Cysts.

Benefits of alternative contraceptives

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop in your ovaries throughout ovulation. They are not threatening, but they can be uncomfortable at times. Women with PCOS frequently have an abundance of small cysts in their ovaries. Hormonal birth control is an effective method that can inhibit these cysts from establishing by suppressing ovulation.

6. They Are Practical.

Benefits of alternative contraceptives

A pill is an excellent option for several women, and several have discovered that it fits their lifestyle perfectly. Women who work odd schedules, cruise often, or have a full social calendar might find it difficult to recall to take a pill at the same time each day. Alternative contraceptive techniques are an excellent option for more versatility.

7. Side Effects Are Typically Minimal.

Your daily dosage of hormones is absorbed into your body if the tablet passes through your digestive system once you swallow it. As a result, your hormone levels rise and trough during the day, which might raise the number and extent of adverse effects you encounter. Even though the harmful effects of the rings and patches are pretty comparable, the chance of adverse effects and withdrawal method symptoms may be reduced owing to the continuous flow of hormone injection.


Contraception is not for all. For example, if you use birth control pills and are over 35 years old and smoke, you are more likely to develop blood clots and high blood pressure. Furthermore, even among non-smokers, several methods of alternative contraception, such as combination patches and tablets, might raise your chances of high blood pressure and blood clots.

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