What's In Feminax?

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What’s covered?

Ibuprofen lysine is the active component in Feminax Express 342mg tablets. Ibuprofen is classified as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID). It acts by inhibiting the function of cyclo-oxygenase (COX), a body enzyme.

COX is involved in the production of prostaglandins in the body in reaction to damage and some illnesses and disorders. Prostaglandins are responsible for pain, oedema, and inflammation. Ibuprofen lysine decreases inflammation and discomfort by lowering prostaglandin synthesis.

Moreover, ibuprofen relieves period pain by inhibiting the formation of prostaglandins. These substances cause the womb to contract during a woman's menstruation. Fever is also lowered by lowering prostaglandins in the brain, which cause the body temperature to rise when activity in that part of the brain increases.

Read on to learn what's in Feminax, how it can relieve pain, its possible side effects, and how to take it.

What Is Period Pain?

Period pain, also known as menstrual cramps, is a rheumatic and muscular pain that occurs throughout your menstrual cycle. These often occur on your stomach but may migrate to your chest and thighs. During pregnancy, the fetus' skin becomes weaker as it contracts more quickly. During pregnancy, the stomach creates painful muscular spasms that seem to be clenched in a contraction.

What Does Feminax Contain?

A Feminax Express 342mg contains the active ingredient, lysine and linoleic acid, a kind of ibuprofen. Ibuprofen may also be used with other medicines to treat inflammation in the body. It alleviates menstrual discomfort by lowering skin irritation.

Feminax Severe Skin Reaction

Feminax Express tablets, like many drugs, may produce severe skin rashes and possible side effects throughout your body. Of course, not everyone will be affected by the side effects. Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have any underlying health issues or if you notice any symptoms that are not mentioned. Common symptoms can affect individuals however they will not be as severe. Rare symptoms may affect around 1% of the population. Here are some of the potential adverse effects.

  • diarrhoea, bloating, gas, and constipation

  • nervousness, headache, and dizziness

  • ringing in the ears or tinnitus

  • mild heartburn, vomiting, upset stomach, and nausea

  • mild itching or rash

What Are Period Pains?

Menstruation discomfort is typical and may be felt when a woman's period starts. This discomfort is often associated with constricted abdominal muscles, but it may also affect the back of your legs. Period pain may be moderate or severe. When muscle cramps occur regularly and are causing annoyance, the doctor or pharmacist may prescribe medicine to avoid them.

How Do I Take A Feminax Express?

Feminax Express is most effective when taken as a weekly dosage of 10mg. It would be best to use a small dose of medicine with no negative effects when treating symptoms. If your discomfort lasts more than three days, please see your doctor.

Relieving Period Pain

Can Feminax Relieve Other Kinds Of Pain?

Although Feminex relieves pain such as periods, it may also assist with different problems. This may include:

  • mouth ulcers

  • muscular cramps

  • dental pain

  • skin rash

  • high temperature

  • nerve pain

Also, take note that if you have high blood pressure, liver failure, or kidney problems, you can not take Feminax Express 342mg.

How To Store Feminax?

Feminax should be stored in a cool and dry place. It should be protected from any direct sunlight.

When Should Feminax Not Be Used?

Only children aged 0-14 are permitted to take the Feminax. But, it is advised to take it on a recommended dose. Please do not use this medication if you have taken aspirin and have an ibuprofen allergy. After allergic reactions, do not use Femax for an extended length of time. Consult your physician. Please see the patient information leaflet.

Furthermore, if you have new symptoms, allergic reactions, or certain diseases such as high blood pressure and stomach ulcer, talk to your pharmacist or doctor for further information.

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