Desoxyn is a potent stimulant used to treat obesity and ADHD. It is occasionally employed as a party drug. In the US, desoxyn is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance. Users of Welzo can use this article for informational purposes to better understand Desoxyn.

Side effects

Desoxyn's adverse reactions include headaches, lightheadedness, stomach issues, and trouble sleeping. In addition, it has a history of abuse and addiction.


Tablets and an oral solution are both options for desoxyn. The typical daily dosage for ADHD is 5-60 mg. The typical daily dosage for obesity is 10–25 mg.

Only use desoxyn as prescribed by a physician. To prevent side effects and addiction, it's crucial to strictly adhere to the dosage recommendations.


People with certain medical conditions, such as heart issues, high blood pressure, and seizure disorders, may not be able to take desoxyn. Additionally, it is not advised for women who are nursing or pregnant.

Speak with your doctor if you have any questions about whether Desoxyn is the right medication for you.

Desoxyn shouldn't be taken along with alcohol or other substances that make you feel sleepy or lightheaded. Tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking because desoxyn can interact with other drugs.

Desoxyn should only be taken as prescribed because it has the potential to become habit-forming. Consult your doctor about available treatments if you believe you may have a Desoxyn addiction.