Benign Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is a brain condition that causes uncontrollable shaking. The shaking is called a tremor and while it isn't life-threatening, it can affect daily life.

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Benign Essential Tremor

Benign Essential Tremor Treatment

What is a benign essential tremor?

Essential tremor is a movement disorder that usually affects the hands and arms. It can also affect other areas of the body which can make daily activities, such as eating or drinking, more difficult. The shaking usually gets worse over time and may act up during a certain activity or when using a certain part of your body.

Can essential tremor be treated?

While there is no cure for the tremor, there are ways to manage it. Certain medications, assistive devices and surgery are common methods to treat the tremor. More intense treatments include a focused ultrasound or the injection of the toxin botulinum, which works to weaken the muscles and lessen the severity of the tremoring.

of middle and old aged people in the UK have essential tremor

According to the GM Journal, in general, about 4% of people aged 65 and over have essential tremor.

of people worldwide are estimated to be affected by essential tremor

According to the University of Edinburgh, essential tremor is thought to affect 0.9% of people worldwide

Benign Essential Tremor

“Benign Essential Tremor is the most common condition is which characterised by tremor, or shaking, that typically affects the hands and arms, but can also affect the head, voice, legs, and trunk.

While essential tremor can be annoying and disruptive, it is usually not a serious condition and does not require treatment. However, in some cases, the tremor may be severe enough to interfere with daily activities such as eating, drinking, and writing. In these cases, medical treatment may be necessary!”

Dr Sameer Nakedar
MBBS (London), MRCGP, PGCert
Benign Essential Tremor
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Can essential tremor go away?

There is no current cure for essential tremor however there are ways that can treat or manage it. There are beta-blocker and anti-seizure medications that can help to lessen the tremor. Devices for mobility can also make a large difference in day-to-day functioning. More intensive treatments include botulinum toxin injections, deep brain stimulation and focused ultrasounds.

What makes essential tremor worse?

Certain medications can make the tremors worse. Caffeine, fatigue, temperature extremes and stress may also affect your tremors.

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Is essential tremor linked to anxiety?

Essential tremor can get worse with anxiety.

What are the other symptoms of essential tremor?

Aside from a tremor that is most obvious in the hands, the other symptoms can include:

Difficulty writing

Shaking or quivering sound in the voice

Uncontrollable head-nodding

Rarely a tremor may also be present in the legs or feet.

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