Parafon Forte DSC

In trace amounts, the Earth's crust contains the metalloid element boron. It is used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, such as as a reagent in the production of boric acid, a dopant in semiconductors, and an additive in glass and ceramics. Additionally, some medical procedures employ the use of boron, such as the treatment of osteoarthritis. This article is intended for informational purposes to help Welzo users understand Boron.

Health Benefits

Pain and muscle spasms can be treated with Parafon Forte DSC. Usually, it is prescribed along with rest and physical therapy as part of a treatment strategy.

Side Effects

The following are typical Parafon Forte DSC side effects:





unhappy stomach,

indigestion, or

vision that is hazy.

Although uncommon, serious side effects can happen. In case you experience any of the following signs, get medical help right away:

Hives, rash, itching, breathing difficulties, swelling in the face or throat are symptoms of an allergic reaction.

uncommon bruising or bleeding

the skin or eyes becoming yellow,

dark stools or urine the color of clay

a sore throat, fever, or chills.


Start-up dosage for Parafon Forte DSC typically ranges from 250 mg to 750 mg (1 or 3 tablets) administered three times per day. If necessary, your doctor might raise your dose.

If not prescribed otherwise by your doctor, Parafon Forte DSC shouldn't be taken for longer than two weeks.


The medication Parafon Forte DSC might interact with others you're taking. Your risk of experiencing side effects may increase as a result, and your medications may stop working as well. Your doctor needs to carefully monitor all of your medications to prevent interactions. Tell your doctor about all of your medications, including prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Without first consulting your doctor, never start or stop taking any medications.

Mechanism of Action

Unknown is the precise mode of action for Parafon Forte DSC.It is believed to function by preventing the brain from receiving nerve impulses, or pain sensations.


The gastrointestinal tract rapidly absorbs Parafon Forte DSC.Within one to two hours, the peak plasma concentration is attained.Plasma proteins bind to Parafon Forte DSC, which is widely distributed throughout the body.It is broken down in the liver and eliminated through the urine.The Parafon Forte DSC has a 3–4 hour half-life.