Antivirals, like retrovir, are a class of medication. It is used to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections. A virus called HIV is what causes AIDS, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome.Retrovir is a member of the NRTI drug class (nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors). It functions by preventing the activity of the reverse transcriptase enzyme. HIV requires this enzyme in order to multiply its virus population. Retrovir lowers and maintains the level of HIV in the body by preventing the activity of this enzyme. This lessens the possibility of getting AIDS or other HIV-related diseases.Users of Welzo can use this article for informational purposes to better understand Retrovir.

Health Benefits

Retrovir is used to treat HIV infection in conjunction with other antiviral drugs. It is typically administered to those who have never received treatment for HIV or to those whose HIV infection has returned after receiving treatment.

Retrovir can accomplish the following when combined with other antiviral medications:

- decrease the body's level of HIV and maintain it there.

- boost one's immune system

- lessen the likelihood of contracting AIDS or other HIV-related diseases

Side Effects

Some people may experience side effects from retrovir.

Typical negative effects include:

head pain

- diarrhoea

- Vomiting and dizziness

- Weakness and exhaustion

– rash

- fever

- Muscle aches

Typically, these side effects are minor and transient. They ought to get better over time. Please consult with your doctor or pharmacist if they continue or start to bother you.


There may be interactions when taking retrovir with some other medications.Inhibitors of HIV protease, non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase, and a few antacids are among them.Tell your doctor or pharmacist about all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as any vitamins or herbal supplements you may be taking.


Various factors, including body weight, the type of HIV infection, and others, affect the recommended dose of Retrovir. A 300 mg twice daily starting dose is typical. According to your particular requirements, your doctor will decide on the best dosage for you.

Retrovir comes as a tablet or a liquid oral solution. Typically, it is taken twice or three times a day. The oral solution must be taken with food, whereas the tablets can be taken either way.

Take your missed Retrovir dose as soon as you remember.Skip the missed dose and carry on with your regular dosing schedule if it is almost time for your next dose.Never combine two doses into one.


Within 2 to 4 hours, retrovir reaches its peak plasma concentrations after quickly entering the digestive system. Although the oral solution's bioavailability is lower than the tablet's, both formulations are bioequivalent.

Retrovir has a high level of body-wide distribution and can cross the blood-brain barrier. It is more tightly bound to plasma proteins than other NRTIs.

The liver has several pathways for metabolizing retrovir, including phosphorylation, deamination, and oxidation. These metabolites are primarily excreted in the

Alternatives to RetroVir

Other antiviral drugs for the treatment of HIV include:

azanavir (Reyataz)

- Darunavir, a Prezista drug

- Sustiva (efavirenz)

etravirine (intelligent)

Nifedipine (Viramune)

- Isentress, or raltegravir

You can get advice from your doctor on which medication will work best for you.