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Solid pre-workout supplements are essentially the fuels that spark the fire in athletes and fitness enthusiasts and propel them to achieve their fitness goals with unstoppable energy and unwavering determination. As the Bucked up Pre Workout is a new fantasy in the market, we decided to try it, consult the professionals and users and provide a comprehensive review to the readers. 

The necessary information about this pre-workout supplement took weeks to compile. Keep reading. 

Bucked Up Pre Workout- A superb performance enhancer

It is a pre-workout supplement that relieves stress, increases endurance and strengthens the body by boosting the immune system. The manufacturer, DAS Lab, recognises the importance of the antler velvet extract, citrulline malate and caffeine anhydrous in sports and uses these ingredients to produce this marvel. Antler velvet extract is made from the cartilage and bones of the male deer and added to a pre-workout supplement to improve exercise performance. 

Pre-workout supplements must be chosen carefully.

The DLS labs gradually changed the formula over time to adjust to the needs of fitness enthusiasts, and it has become a very popular choice in this class. The optimisation and refinement of the formula gradually improved its performance enhancement ability. The major ingredients Bucked Up are vitamin B12 100mcg, sodium 45mg, citrulline malate 6000mg, beta-alanine 2000mg, caffeine anhydrous 200mg, alphaSize® alpha GPC (50%) 200mg, taurine 100mg, Himalayan rock salt 100mg, antler velvet extract 50mg, AstraGin 25mg and Senactiv® 25mg.

Break down of the ingredient profile

The Bucked Up Pre Workout supplement has various ingredients that work together to boost performance and endurance. Most of these ingredients are in very high quantities to give a quick boost, like the engine's ignition.

Citrulline malate

6g of citrulline malate (CM) increases nitric oxide production in the blood. The increased nitric oxide production causes the widening of the blood vessels to improve blood circulation, oxygenation of the muscles and, ultimately, athletic performance. 

clinical review by Lewis Gough and colleagues in 2021 at Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK, noted that besides increasing energy metabolism, CM speeds up muscular recovery by increasing waste removal and nutrient delivery to the muscles. 


2g of this amino acid in the Bucked up decreases the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which causes muscle cramps and fatigue. It reduces fatigue and allows an athlete to carry out the workout for a long time. Beta-alanine produces carnosine, a molecule that buffers the lactic acid in the muscles.

However, although clients reported improved endurance, only a few reported any change in the fatigue levels. 

Caffeine Anhydrous

It is a superb natural supplement and stimulant. 200mg of it in the Bucked Up improves mental alertness and energy during a workout, allowing an athlete to perform more repetitions. However, its inclusion makes the product unsuitable for caffeine-sensitive people.

AlphaSize® Alpha GPC

It is a dietary supplement that is claimed to increase the focus. Its effects on sports performance are well tasted, and a study by David Bellar and colleagues in 2015 noted that a 600mg dose improved the performance of power athletes by significantly increasing the isometric mid-thigh pull peak force.
However, the lower dose of 200mg in the Bucked Up is likely less effective.

Taurine (100mg)

The DLS Labs claims that this ingredient boosts energy levels in anaerobic and aerobic exercises. The research on this topic is inconclusive, and we attributed the energy-boosting properties of the Buck Up to caffeine. 

Himalayan Rock Salt 100mg (with trace minerals)

Himalayan Rock Salt is a mineral mixture with trace minerals like sodium that regulates the body's balance of electrolytes and fluids. Its 100mg dose improves blood pressure and blood flow and reduces muscle cramps by improving blood circulation. People with hypertension must be careful.

Deer Antler velvet extracts 50mg

It is claimed to increase the levels of growth hormones like IGF-1 that support muscle growth by causing muscle hypertrophy. The research findings are inconsistent, and some dieticians attribute muscular hypertrophy to other ingredients in the product, such as AstraGin and Senactiv. 

AstraGin 25mg (Astragalus Panax Notoginseng)

It is a natural ingredient known to boost the uptake of essential nutrients. Its 25mg in the Bucked Up improves mRNA functions and the absorption of nutrients like citrulline into the cells. The increased nutrient absorption boosts the metabolism.

Senactiv® 25mg (Panax Notoginseng, Rosa Roxburghii)

ItIt is a nutraceutical ingredient found in various health products and dietary supplements. It is derived from two plants, Rosa roxburghii and Panax notoginseng. However, the research backing for this ingredient is limited, yet there is much anecdotal evidence about its positive impact on men's health. Bucked Up is equally good for females.

User reviews  

Hundreds of users have shared their experiences and opinions on the manufacturer's website. Some of them are:


"Flavouring profile is exceptionally good, and a 200mg dose of caffeine provided an excellent pre-workout boost. This perfect pre-workout blend significantly improved my focus and energy during a workout session."



"I really love this pre-workout product. As an athlete, I was searching for a product that could give me a kick-start, and it does the same. Its efficacy never fails to amaze me, and it definitely increased my performance as a collegiate thrower."



"I don't know what to tell you about this product. It is among the most delicious pre-workout products in the market that I have ever used. I have been using Buck Up products for years and have never experienced any issues, as the products are extremely precise and deliver an insane pump. It is quite easy to mix and drink, and the pump is too good to describe. Keep killing it."



"It is the first pre-workout tried by me that doesn't give itchiness and jitters. It provides the highest possible energy with the best possible taste. It is definitely the best pre-workout I have ever used, and I 1000% recommend it."



"This pre-workout has such a good and killer flavour that I wish to drink it all day. Dosing is very precise so that it is strong yet not over-powering with very high amounts of caffeine."


Welzo Review of Bucked Up Pre-Workout Supplement

We ranked these products among the best pre-workout supplements in the market. It is the healthiest one, given that most ingredients are natural. However, our reviewers noted that there are better choices for a beginner who must use a safer starter. 


  • Natural and high-quality ingredients
  • Refreshing and flavourful taste
  • Very few calories 


  • The serving size is small
  • More patented nervous stimulants are not counted

Our verdict

Overall rating: 4/ 5

Taste: 4.5/ 5

Ingredient profile: 3.5/ 5

Price: 4/ 5.

“Based on our research and testing, the Bucked Up Pre Workout supplement is a good pre-workout supplement with good results and an excellent safety profile. However, we recommend a better product for a starter and a pro, as its nutrient profile is just enough for an average trainer. The marketing claims are too much and exceed the actual experimental results. We recommend it only for people with moderate workout levels and who expect just average results.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bucked Up Pre Workout a good product? 

Yes, it is an effective product, and our testing found it to be at a higher level than many other pre-workouts in the market. 

Is the Bucked-Up Pre-Workout Safe? 

Yes, it is safe for most users when the label instructions are correctly followed. The serving size is one scope that is mixed with 8-10 ounces of water and taken 15-30 minutes before a workout.

How long do the effects of Bucked Up Pre Workout last? 

We interviewed fitness enthusiasts and athletes and found that the effects of this product last for 30-120 minutes in the form of better physical and mental energy.

Does Bucked Up Pre Workout contain testosterone? 

No, it doesn't have testosterone. For someone looking for testosterone boosters, Test Boost Max is a good option. Read our Test Boost Max Reviews for more information.

Does a Bucked Up Pre Workout increase muscle mass? 

Yes, it promotes the growth and development of muscles due to its rich ingredients that promote nutrient absorption and utilization. 

Is it safe to take two scoops of Bucked Up Pre Workout? 

Two scoops of Bucked Up are too much as they exceed the daily requirement of many ingredients. One scoop is enough to get the claimed benefits.

Can women and girls use Bucked Up? 

Yes, it is also a good pre-workout choice for women, and there is no issue in using it before a workout. 

Buck-up your stamina and endurance to achieve an ideal body shape.


The Bucked Up Pre Workout supplement is a superb choice to boost workout performance. It has energy and mood-boosting ingredients like caffeine and citrulline malate that support the body during a workout. People with diseases and medications must consult the doctor before using them. 

At Welzo, we have a variety of Sports supplements in the form of bars, protein powders, pre-workout supplements, etc. Visit the Sports Supplements page for details. A woman's body takes the work out very differently. We have explained the Top 10 Women's Best Pre Workout supplements in an article you must read. 

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