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Menopause is the termination of menstruation in a female for more than a year. Normally, menopause starts in the late fourth or fifth decade of a woman's life. Once menstruation begins, certain health complications tag along with it which can be helped with the use of supplements or hormonal therapies.

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Menopausal Symptoms:

Most of the premenopausal and menopausal physical symptoms begin to set in due to hormonal imbalances and related ageing.

- Irregular menstrual cycle

- Low Hormone Levels

- Vaginal Dryness

- Palpitations and hot flashes

- General body fatigue

- Mood swings

- Weight gain

- Decreased metabolism

- Low Libido

- Weak and porous bones

- Sleep Issues and night sweats

- Thinning or falling of hair

Menopause association with Breast Cancer:

Many studies have proven that young females who develop breast cancer might enter menopause before the normal age range. This is mainly due to the depletion and imbalances of female sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen while the female is under treatment for breast cancer eradication. These low levels of hormones tend to cause early menopause.

Menopause Supplements

Menopause Supplements

Maintaining a balanced diet is the first thing you need to take care of. From medicinal supplements to herbs, menopausal symptoms can be relieved. A few of the most consumed menopause supplements to treat menopause are briefly discussed below.

1. Black Cohosh

Hot flashes and night sweats are the first complaints of menopausal women. Black Cohosh can be obtained from the flowering plant Actaea racemosa in North America. Black Cohosh can treat hot flashes and night sweats that may be due to menopause or any other disease condition. This plant has been studied a lot and used mainly to relieve menopausal symptoms. If you have any kind of liver disease, you might want to consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

2. Red Clover

Red clover is not proven to be the solution for menopause symptoms but many consumers have reported that this plant helped them in avoiding some of the symptoms related to menopause. Some of the studies now suggested that few of its contents are similar to estrogen hormone. Estrogen hormone helps in sticking the calcium to the bone. In menopause, however, low estrogen levels cause weak bones due to active bone loss. Red clover can thus be used to alleviate symptoms of hot flashes and prevent menopausal bone loss.

Red Clover Plant

3. Calcium

Calcium intake is part of a balanced diet. Be it reproductive age or menopause, calcium should be taken in the approved amount since it helps with bones and other support systems of your body.

3. Vitamin D

Calcium supplements may not work if you still have low levels of blood vitamin D. Vitamin D intake is as simple as sitting in the Sun. Along with other vitamins, it is an important nutrient for menopausal women as it helps with stabilizing their mood and emotions. Other sources of Vitamin D include eggs, cod liver oil, salmon, beef liver, etc.

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4. Ginseng

Thinking of getting hands on a mood booster? Ginseng got you! Intake of American and Korean ginseng is suggested by many studies. It is proven that ginseng helps with better sleep in menopausal women and hence a better overall daily mood.

5. Wild Yam

Wild yam is not wildly consumed but some studies show that it contains female sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It can be a healthier and a natural alternative to hormonal therapy. Experts suggest and encourage the intake of wild yam for menopausal women and encourage them to decide for themselves if they are of benefit.

6. Flaxseed

Also known as linseed, they are proven to mimic estrogen hormone. Flaxseed can help with a variety of estrogen hormone-related symptoms. It is proven to be helpful by some and not by others for menopausal women. Flaxseed intake is a healthy addition to women's health since it helps with regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well.

7. Folic Acid

Females are usually low on iron and folic acid their entire life. While the body is struggling in menopause, small studies suggest that it can be of great help with hot flashes and other related symptoms.


8. St. John's Wort

This is a popular ingredient used for patients with chronic depression. Since mood swings and irritability are of great concern in menopausal women, St. John's wort is now used to alleviate their mood and help with a better mental health condition.

9. Devil's Claw

A plant family, Proboscidea has a peculiar devilish, and sinister look. This appearance earned them the name. Devil's claw, a painkiller, is found to help with the pain that comes with weak bones, making it beneficial for menopausal women who frequently suffer from lower back pain.

10. Soy Foods

Moderate amounts of soy food intake in Asian populations might be the reason why they experience lesser levels of hot flashes. Studies have now proven that soy foods can help with hormone-dependent conditions in menopausal women.

11. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil (EPO) is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose plant. EPO is found to be helpful in reducing hot flashes due to menopause. This fact is not supported by other studies though.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

The majority of menopausal symptoms are due to low hormone levels. From the advancements made in medicine, it is now possible to bring those low hormones all the way up to normal. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a medicinal approach to raising the hormone to healthy levels in menopausal females. It can also be recommended by doctors for females of reproductive age who lack the necessary steroid hormones due to certain disease conditions.

- HRT not only helps you to complete daily work whilst providing high energy levels throughout the day and less mood swings.

- Once the hormone and energy levels are back to normal, the sex drive will follow.

- HRT improves sleep quality and the other menopause symptoms related to it.

- Vaginal dryness can cause local irritation and discomfort at times while causing some of the disease conditions as well. HRT helps with reducing vaginal dryness.

Happy Healthy Life with Menopause Supplements

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