What is semen retention and are there benefits?

What is semen retention and are there benefits?

What’s covered?

What is semen retention and are there benefits?

What is semen retention and are there benefits?

The act of not ejaculating is known as semen retention. Taoist methods of sexual regulation are the inspiration for this concept. There is currently no scientific proof that semen retention has any positive effects on health, even though some people swear by it.

The idea of semen retention, which is effectively the avoidance of ejaculation, is not new, even though it may appear like simply another internet fad.

Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy, asserted that ejaculation depletes one’s life force and that sexual restraint is a means of preserving and enhancing it. Many of the techniques used by men to keep their semen, such as edging and retrograde ejaculation, are directly derived from Taoist beliefs.

What is the retention of semen?

Semen retention is the act of not ejaculating, to put it simply. However, it is not the same as abstinence. Even though they don’t ejaculate, many men who engage in semen retention are nevertheless capable of experiencing orgasms.

The NoFap movement, which tries to aid persons with sex and porn addictions, and semen retention are two concepts that could be mistaken. People who are interested in semen retention may also be members of the NoFap and abstinence-encouraging networks, but this practice is distinct.

Why do people try semen retention?

You can find claims that semen retention causes things like improved memory, a bigger penis, and super strength if you peruse the popular subReddit r/Semenretention. According to these Reddit posts, the energy typically lost during sexual activity, more notably the semen lost, can be applied to other areas of life.

The early Taoist self-control techniques are the foundation of the contemporary semen retention movement. Semen is compared to the male life energy in this culture. It is believed that losing semen causes both mental and physical inertia.

Many religious systems and ideologies promote self-control in various ways because it can be empowering. Hinduism promotes awareness of and control over the senses, while some Christian denominations forbid sex before marriage. Judaism observes fasts throughout the year. All these techniques are intended to shift focus away from the momentary pleasure and toward physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Does semen retention have benefits?

There is no scientific proof that semen retention has any advantages. Some research implies that ejaculating might have advantages, including lowering the risk of prostate cancer. Men on the Reddit community r/Semenretention assert real health advantages, such as less anxiety, improved energy, and even glowing skin, despite the paucity of supporting data.

As evidence for these sexual health claims, posters on r/Semenretention also cite several dubious experts and academic sources.

The community surrounding semen retention more closely resembles a religious one than a group of followers of sexual science, even though the practice has deviated from its Taoist beginnings. Again, none of the claimed benefits are supported by any evidence. Contrarily, abstaining may raise testosterone levels and semen volume, resulting in more enjoyable orgasms.

How is Semen retention done?

Through abstention, edging, or retrograde ejaculation, semen can be retained. More information on each is provided below:

  • Abstinence is the simple act of ceasing all sexual activity, whether with a partner or not.
  • Edging involves having intercourse but falling short of orgasm. It takes a lot of self-control to practice edging. Learn to pay attention to your body’s cues when masturbating or having sex to avoid orgasms. Stop having sexual relations before it’s too late. To stop an orgasm, you might find it helpful to squeeze the penis tip.

The most satisfying method of semen retention may be retrograde ejaculation, although it still requires a lot of self-control. Similar to edging, achieving retrograde ejaculation requires close attention to your body. To stop semen from leaving the scrotum and anus when you feel like you are about to have an orgasm, press on the perineum. Semen will enter the bladder as a result.

It could take some practice until you master these skills. Before attempting semen retention techniques with a partner, it may be beneficial to experiment while masturbating. Ensure that any sexual partners you may have understand and are at ease with your goal by talking about it with them.

As some online forums suggest, semen retention is not the panacea for greater health. The physical and mental benefits you need to lead a better life are more likely to be provided by regular exercise, a balanced diet, and good sexual behaviour.

Does Sperm Build Up if Not Released?

No. The body won’t suffer if you avoid ejaculating because sperm won’t accumulate if you don’t discharge it. It will be reabsorbed by the body and have no negative effects on sex drive or fertility. On the other hand, men who delay or refuse to ejaculate while sexually aroused may have certain negative side effects.

It is possible to get epididymal hypertension, also referred to as ‘blue balls’. Men experience this when sexual arousal doesn’t result in ejaculation or orgasm.

The extra blood that accumulates during an erection in the testicles and penis stays there for a very long time. Scrotal pain is being brought on by this.

How much time can sperm be retained?

People are praising this procedure online for treating them for their minor health issues including memory loss, anxiety, sadness, and general exhaustion. And a lot of men vouch for it.

Some people practice sperm retention strategies for a few days, while others do so for several weeks. For every person, it is different.

The issue is that there isn’t enough proof to back up these assertions. We do understand that preventing masturbation can improve sperm motility.

Masturbation may marginally lower the sperm count even though it won’t cause infertility. And everything counts while trying to get pregnant.

For IVF (in In-Vitro Fertilization) and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) procedures, males may need to abstain from masturbation for 4–5 days before sperm collection.

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