What benefits can I claim for depression and anxiety UK?

What benefits can I claim for depression and anxiety UK?

mental health problems can contribute additional stress to basic living income

Depression is recognized as a mental impairment. It's a serious mood condition that has been shown to compromise with daily tasks, including your capacity to work.

Clinical depression is one of the most widely spread mental health conditions affecting millions of people worldwide. Your doctor may determine and declare your condition when you have continued symptoms of sadness, sleep problems and anxiety. Even though some people are prescribed medications, depression can still make it difficult to work. 

Depression can strike you at any age, but it is found that it commonly affects people 30 years of age.

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You can claim the following benefits if you are suffering from depression and anxiety.

  • Child Tax Credit

  • Housing Benefit

  • Income Support

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)

  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

  • Working Tax Credit

These supported those with little or no money and suffering from depression. The government launched Universal Credit, a new benefit that integrates the six mentioned above, in 2010. The implementation started in 2013 and is expected to be finished in 2024, with the option to keep claiming some of the aforementioned benefits as it progresses. 

In 2012, the government announced a personal independence payment (PIP) which replace the displacement allowance. However, people over 16 years of age who have not reached the State Pension Age are eligible for personal independence payment. 

When the Supreme Court ruled in 2017 that the PIP program discriminated against those who had mental health disorders, there was debate. Psychological distress was not considered a significant barrier to independent travel under the requirements to qualify for payment. The top court found that this was illegal. Therefore, if you match the other conditions, you now meet the requirements if you cannot travel a familiar route alone due to psychological anxiety.

Many people in the UK are not familiar with the benefits system. There are undoubtedly additional benefits not included in the previous list. Because of circumstances unrelated to anxiety or depression, you might discover that you are qualified for another benefit.

Numerous charities and organizations provide financial assistance to people with mental health disorders, such as Mental Health and Money Advice, Mind, Turn2Us, c-App, and Citizens Advice, among others.

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Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Personal Independent Payment (PIP) is a benefit for persons who require daily assistance due to a chronic disease, or a physical or mental handicap.

The Personal Independence Payments (PIP) benefit is not means-tested, so your claim won't be impacted by your earnings, assets, or savings.

PIP can be provided to you whether you are working or not. You don't have to bother about whether you have paid sufficient National Insurance (NI) to qualify because PIP is a non-contributory benefit.


Universal Credit

A benefit known as Universal Credit (UC) has superseded some legacy programs and is available to adults of working age who are low-income or unemployed. You may learn more about the operation of Universal Credit and how to submit a claim if you have a mental health issue by reading our tutorial on the topic.

The Universal Credit benefit is a regular payout that might help with living expenses. The Universal Credit payment consists of a basic regular stipend and additional payments that, based on your individual circumstances, may be applicable to you.


Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

When your mental health renders you incapable of working, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) can be of benefit. Anyone whose illness or disability prevents them from working will receive financial support if they are granted ESA.

ESA New Style is a great contribution benefit. This indicates that you have made financial contributions to it via National Insurance (NI) contributions made while working or through National Insurance (NI) credits that you have received for your support. If you have made enough NI payments over the course of the two full tax years prior to making an ESA claim, you may be eligible for a new style ESA.

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Housing Benefits

The purpose of the Housing Benefit is to assist those with low incomes in paying their rent. But a lot of people say that their home expenditures are bad for their mental health.

You are eligible for these benefits if you are having housing and mental health issues.


Working Tax credits

Working Tax Credits (WTC) are an advantage for those who are employed but have modest incomes.

If your job doesn't pay sufficient to meet all of your essential living expenses, working tax credits may be able to help.

You might be eligible to submit a new claim if you have a mental health problem and meet the requirements for Working Tax Credits.


Support for Mortgage

Support for a mortgage is a benefit that is obtained from the Department of Work and Pensions when you have a mental illness.

Support for Mortgage Interest provides assistance with making your home's mortgage interest payments. If your mental health problem has made it more difficult for you to work and make money, this may be helpful.

You must repay the loan to the DWP when you sell your home or give another individual ownership of your possessions.

Before submitting an application for Support for Mortgage Interest, you should consult with a welfare benefits expert.


Attendance Allowance

Attendance allowance is a benefit given to those who have mental illness and are over the age of state pension age.



While this article provides a basic overview of each benefit scheme, it is best if you complete your own research and speak with your medical health practitioner about your individual circumstances for personalised support. 

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