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Please note that we do not distribute or sell Tetralysal. The content provided on this webpage is intended solely for informational and educational purposes. It should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendation. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional for personalised medical advice and treatment options.

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Tetralysal - welzo
Tetralysal - welzo


Tetralysal - welzo
Tetralysal - welzo
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Tetralysal is an oral medication used to treat various types of infections, such as acne. It...
Tetralysal is an oral medication used to treat various types of infections, such as acne. It is a tetracycline antibiotic which works by reducing the growth of bacteria that causes acne and other skin infections. 
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What is Tetralysal?

Tetralysal is a tetracycline antibiotic mainly used to treat acne but can also be prescribed for other bacterial infections or concerns. 

How does it work?

Tetralysal belongs to the group of medicines known as tetracycline antibiotics which attacks the bacteria that cause acne. The active ingredient in Tetralysal is Iymecycline which stops the bacteria from making the proteins that they rely on to survive. 

Is Tetralysal suitable for me?

If you have acne (blackheads and whiteheads on the skin) and you are aged over 18 years of age, this medication may be suitable for you. If you are unsure, consult your doctor.

Side Effects

All medications can cause potential side effects, below we have listed some potential side effects, however, these do not always occur.

  • Abdominal pain
  • Feeling sick (nausea)
  • Diarrhoea  
  • Headache
  • Photosensitivity

Disclaimer: This website does not constitute as medical advice, you should also consult with a doctor before taking medication. If you experience any major reactions to any medication you are taking, you must seek immediate medical attention.


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All orders placed before 14:00 on weekdays will be delivered the next working day. For the majority of the UK, medication will be dispatched by Royal Mail, Monday to Friday, if ordered before 14:00. Dispatches are sent using Royal Mail's Next-Day Tracked 24-Hour service. We will email you tracking information directly and you should receive your order the day after dispatch.

Our Discreet Packaging Promise

We know that many of our customers turn to us when they need personal medication, preferring to use our online service rather than shopping for the product face to face. That is why our delivery is always discreetly packaged in plain brown boxes or enveloped. You will not have to worry about any content descriptions, and the package will be for your eyes only!


Commonly Used Dosage Guidelines for Tetralysal.

For acne treatment in adults and children over 12 years:

  • The normal dose is one Tetralysal capsule once a day (300 mg/day), preferably in the morning.
  • Tetralysal capsules should always be taken with a glass of water.

Disclaimer: This website does not provide medical advice. No information listed on this website is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment before undergoing a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

Product reviews

Please note the information below is intended for general knowledge, please read the patient information leaflet and/or the information provided by a healthcare professional for more specific guidance. This information should not substitute medical advice.

Can I get Tetralysal on the NHS?

Whether or not you can get Tetralysal on the NHS is dependent on your local guidelines and eligibility status. It is best to contact your local GP service if you are unsure of whether you can get Tetralysal from the NHS.

Can you get Tetralysal over the counter?

No, you can’t get Tetralysal over the counter without a prescription or consultation. Tetralysal is a regulated medication so all purchases need to have a prescription and/or suitable consultation form completed.

Can I buy Tetralysal online even if I have never taken it before?

A prescribing pharmacist will need to review your consultation form before the medication can be dispatched.

Is Tetralysal safe?

If you have been prescribed Tetralysal then it is at the discretion of the prescriber.

However, all medications can potentially have adverse effects and should be taken exactly as prescribed. If you experience any side effects when taking Tetralysal then you should contact a doctor immediately.

Are there any foods that should be avoided when taking Tetralysal?

We recommend you read the patient information leaflet for this product thoroughly before taking the treatment. This is essential to understanding any interactions that can occur and to take the medication safely.

Can I buy Tetralysal from Boots?

It is generally possible to purchase medication, including Tetralysal, from UK pharmacies like Boots. However, I recommend checking the Boots website or contacting Boots directly for the most current and accurate information. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new medication.

Can I buy Tetralysal from Superdrug?

If you would like to buy Tetralysal, you will need to check availability on the Superdrug website.

Can I buy Tetralysal from Amazon?

Amazon does not sell medication such as Tetralysal, as they are not a pharmacy service provider. Always check with Amazon to see what they sell.

How long does Tetralysal take to work?

The time it takes for a Tetralysal to work can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the strength, the individual's age, weight, and overall health, as well as any potential interactions with other medications or substances. Generally, the effects of Tetralysal may be noticeable within the time frame outlined by the prescribing pharmacist. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage and instructions provided by your healthcare professional, and to consult them if you have any concerns or questions about the medication's efficacy or possible side effects.

How effective is Tetralysal?

The effectiveness of Tetralysal can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the dosage, the condition being treated, the individual's age, weight, and overall health, as well as the presence of any other medications or substances that might interact with it. While some medications may be highly effective for certain individuals and conditions, others might experience a lesser degree of benefit or may require adjustments to the dosage or additional treatments to achieve the desired results.

What are the risks of taking Tetralysal?

At Welzo, we are dedicated to providing our customers with accurate and comprehensive information about medications. We believe that understanding the potential risks and side effects associated with a medication is essential for making informed decisions about your health. This guide outlines some general considerations for assessing the risks of medication and includes references to the National Health Service (NHS) for further information.

  1. Read the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL): Every medication comes with a Patient Information Leaflet, which provides essential details about the drug, its uses, and potential side effects. Be sure to read this leaflet carefully before starting any new medication. The Electronic medicines compendium has a list of patient leaflets. you can visit by heading to medicines.org
  2. Be aware of potential side effects: All medications have the potential to cause side effects, ranging from mild and short-lived symptoms to more serious, long-lasting issues. It's important to understand the possible side effects of a medication and how to manage them. The NHS has a helpful resource on managing medication side effects, while also speaking to a healthcare professional is important in understanding any potential risks of taking Tetralysal.
  3. Interactions with other medications: Some medications may interact with others, leading to increased side effects or reduced effectiveness. Make sure to inform your healthcare professional about all the medications and supplements you are currently taking. The NHS offers a useful tool for checking potential drug interactions here.
  4. Contraindications and precautions: Certain medical conditions or factors may make it unsafe for you to take a particular medication. Before starting any new medication, inform your healthcare professional about your medical history and any current health issues. The NHS provides more information about contraindications and precautions here.
  5. Appropriate use and dosage: It's crucial to follow the prescribed dosage and instructions for taking a medication to ensure its effectiveness and minimise the risk of side effects. The NHS has a useful guide on using medicines safely here.
  6. Monitoring and follow-up: Some medications require regular monitoring or follow-up appointments with your healthcare professional to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Be sure to schedule and attend these appointments as needed.

Can I buy Tetralysal in the UK?

Yes, you can buy Tetralysal in the UK with a valid prescription and or consultation form. Tetralysal is available in the UK for purchase from local pharmacies with a valid prescription and or consultation. It is imperative that you ensure that the pharmacy you are buying the products from is licensed and registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

Are Tetralysal users satisfied with the product?

We have a list of reviews from customers taking Tetralysal at the bottom of this page. For more information of the reviews of Tetralysal head over to drugs.com for further details.

Can I buy Tetralysal from an online pharmacy?

This is dependent on your eligibility for the medication.

How much does Tetralysal cost?

The costs of Tetralysal are listed at the top of the page. Pricing is provided as a reference as we do not sell Tetralysal.

How effective is Tetralysal for acne?

This medication contains the medicine lymecycline, which works slowly against acne. You should see some improvement within 1 week, but it can take several weeks before acne clears.

Each person may respond differently to this treatment, so consult with your doctor if you have questions or concerns.

How does Tetralysal compare to other antibiotics?

Tetralysal contains the antibiotic lymecycline, which is often used to treat acne. However, depending on your concern and any underlying medical conditions or medicines you are taking, your doctor may prescribe another antibiotic to you.

If you require any further information, speak with your doctor.  

How long does it take for Tetralysal to work?

How long you will have to take Tetralysal for will depend on how quickly your condition improves. For acne, this will normally be at least 8 weeks

What if you forget to take Tetralysal?

Do not worry if you forget to take your Tetralysal at the right time. Take it when you remember and carry on as before unless it is time for the next dose. Do not double up the dose to make up for a forgotten capsule. You should never take more capsules than your doctor recommends.

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Vallie Mondella

The prices for medication on Welzo.com are some of the lowest I've seen online.

Catalina Tillotson

Tetralysal has been a game-changer for my skin. I've noticed a significant reduction in my acne and overall improvement in my complexion. I highly recommend this product.