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Private blood tests

Private blood tests in London

Welzo aims to provide the highest quality private urine tests in London. We've completed almost 1000 test results and some have the best results within one day. We only have qualified specialists in place for you so you will receive unbiased clinical recommendations about which test is best. The test should not be decided at the time. To book an appointment with your doctor, we'll talk to them to find your options for testing. Our doctors may normally take samples to do the test on an inpatient visit, without having to make an additional appointment.


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Comprehensive blood test results

We strongly recommend that patients take a medical exam if necessary. It is important for you to contact a medical specialist to order the required testing for your health and to understand the results in a comprehensive manner in order to make a diagnosis. Client may also use the services for personal requests, but we cannot recommend such an action. Blood London can't interpret a test results without consulting with a specialist. We'll email you the complete report we obtained from the lab with no comment.

Private Blood Tests Near You

Private blood tests are now available near you. You can get these tests done at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay at a hospital or clinics. These tests can be done on your own time and schedule, so you don't have to wait for an appointment. All you need is a vial of blood and the test results will be sent directly to your doctor.

If you're worried about the cost of private blood tests, there are many affordable options available. You can often find discounts and coupons online or through your insurance company. Many times, private blood tests are covered by health insurance plans.

Before you get started, it's important to understand what kind of test you need. There are many different types of blood tests, so be sure to ask your doctor which one is right for you. Once you know what test you need, you can begin searching for a facility near you that offers the service.

When you find a private blood testing facility, be sure to ask about their fees. Many times, these facilities charge by the number of tests or by the amount of time it takes to complete the test. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a lower price.

Once you've found a private blood testing facility near you, make an appointment and give them a call. Be sure to let them know how many vials of blood you'll need and when you'll need the results back. They'll likely need your name, address, and phone number so they can contact you when the results are ready.

When you go in for your appointment, be sure to bring a list of any medications you're currently taking. The staff at the private blood testing facility will need to know this information in order to properly test your blood. They may also need to know if you have any allergies or health conditions that could affect the results of your test.

Be sure to follow all instructions given to you by the staff at the private blood testing facility. They'll likely give you a form to fill out that will help them understand your medical history and current health status. In some cases, they may even need a small sample of your blood.

After your appointment, the staff at the private blood testing facility will send your results to your doctor. Your doctor will then review the results and make recommendations based on what they find. In most cases, you'll be able to get your results back within a few days.

If you have any questions about private blood tests or how to go about scheduling one, be sure to ask your doctor. They should be able to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Disclaimer –

We cannot examine or diagnose abnormalities in your blood sample from a doctor. We do not have clinical diagnoses and cannot comment on your overall health unless you request a test that will determine the results you want. It is very recommended that you consult an accredited medical practitioner in the United Kingdom for medical questions. Private Blood Tests London is not responsible for the decision of any person requesting blood tests by themselves.


Testing of common sexual transmission disorders gives a comprehensive view of sexual health. Suitable for those with a sexual activity that is unaffected but does not cause risk factors. The need for monitoring and maintaining healthy behavior is high. Our urine test is PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) tests the industry standard, which provides fast and accurate test results and does not require more than one sample.

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About us

Private Blood tests London is an established private blood testing service in London that specializes in private and non-referral blood samples and tests. With over 1000 blood tests our staff can cover almost all eventualities and many tests result within 24 hours.

Why choose us in Harley Street for Blood Tests?

We work with Londons biggest laboratory and provide consultation with the GPs. (optional cost of £105) All results are reviewed by doctors. Fast results many days. Blood testing & Screening from £14 Central London Harley Street Hospitals. Open 7am to 8pm daily..

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A comprehensive assessment of sexual health in people with risks. Suitable for: Patients with sexually transmitted diseases. Diagnostics of the most common sexual infections allowing the diagnosis and treatment of sexual illness.

Book an appointment

Choose a time that fits your needs – We are open seven days a week and weekday afternoons from 2 to 3 o'clock.

Get Your Results

All your results are sent either to you via email, or you can get them in person.

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Tests of sexually transmitted infections and bacteria in men and females are offered. Female bacterial swabs for Candida and Bacterial Viaginosis.

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Private blood tests in London

Private blood testing London is well known for its outstanding value and extensive range of blood tests on The Harley Street. Our best lab is in London. With more than 1,000 blood tests we can cover almost anything and most of those tests return in 24 hours. Our medical team is highly qualified medical experts with extensive field experience. Our blood tests can be performed as part of a well-known clinic and we offer consultation services and advice in order to get the results needed.

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Our locations

We have private healthcare centres that are easily accessible to families within the surrounding areas.

Get treated like a VIP. Today

When private treatment is preferred it is recommended to use the services offered in partnership by Spire Healthcare. When ordering your blood test online we arrange for you to bring the referral forms with you to the Spire Hospital. Once we get notified of the results, we will e-mail you and provide your doctor's comments if needed. Our medical staff are here to support you in choosing the most appropriate tests to perform. Please visit this page's chat window if you want a chat today!

These are the most searched for blood test types

Beginners or Olympians will learn how body changes can help improve performance. VIP Women's Health Test covers pregnancy, menopause and women's health screenings. Almost all of the patients who visit us opt to have their initial health checks done at our facilities. Thyroid Disease affects your skin - consider our VIP Thyroid Check now! What causes tiredness? Detailed and unbiased tests are designed to aid your investigation Our hormones are tiny yet powerful and impact everything.


If you're looking for a blood test that's not available to the general public, you may want to consider a private blood test. Private blood tests are typically used by people who want more confidential blood testing, such as those who are concerned about their privacy or who need to keep their results confidential for medical reasons.


There are a few different types of private blood tests available. One is called a direct-to-consumer genetic test. This type of test allows you to order your own genetic sequencing without having to go through a doctor. Private companies offer these tests, and they can provide information about your risk for developing certain diseases or conditions.

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Another type of private blood test is called a personalised medicine test. This type of test looks at your DNA to see how you might respond to certain medications. This information can help doctors to prescribe the most effective medication for you.

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If you're interested in a private blood test, talk to your doctor or a genetic counsellor. They can help you decide which type of test is right for you and provide more information about the costs and benefits of private testing.

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