How to take a urine sample

Follow our simple step by step instructions on how to take your Welzo home blood test.

  • Lay out kit

    Layout the area where you will be taking your home sample, making sure it is clean and comfortable. Use a table that is lower than your elbow to maintain blood flow.

  • Set up your testing station

    Remove the cap from your tube/tubes. Make sure the tube is standing upright in a position that you can access.

  • Clean your hands + get your blood flowing

    Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water for 2 - 3 minutes. This is not only to clean your hands but to help increase blood flow. You can also do jumping jacks/swing your arms around to get more blood to your fingertips.

    Pro tip: Take a long warm shower before collecting your sample and drink lots of water to help your blood flow.

  • Collect your sample

    1. Clean your finger using the alcohol wipe, twist off the lancet cap and press the lancet into the outer centre of your fingertip.

    2. Wipe away the first drop of blood firmly.

    3. Starting at the top of your palm, massage down your hands towards the fingertip.

    4. Tap the blood droplets into the tube.

    5. Fill the tube to the required line. Yellow tube = 600 line. Purple tube = 250 line.

    6. Once completed clean your finger with a wipe and apply a plaster.

  • Prepare your sample

    Once you have enough blood in your tubes, place the correct coloured cap onto the tube.

    For purple tubes: Swirl the tube slowly for 20 seconds.

    For yellow tubes: Rotate/flip the tube ten times, your blood will become thicker as you do so.

    Important: Fill out the label and wrap it around the tube.

  • Pack and send

    1. Put the tubes (with the labels) inside the protective plastic case.

    2. Important: Fill out the return form.

    3. Put the box, with the sample and return form into the prepaid envelope and seal.

    4. Post your sample in a priority postbox for next-day delivery on working days to our lab for analysis.

    5. We recommend you take a photo of your return label in case it gets lost in the mail for tracking purposes.

Make sure you have completed all of these points

1. Sample tubes collected and labelled

2. Return form completed

3. Tubes and return form in box

4. Box in return label envelope

5. Item sent

If you have answered yes to all of these questions you are on track to becoming a healthier you, and should await your personalised health report via email.