Tinidazole, an antibiotic found in Tindamax, helps the body fight bacteria.Tindamax is used to treat some bacterial infections, including infections of the intestines and vagina. By killing delicate bacteria, it kills them.Infections that are transmitted sexually are also treated with tindamax. This article is written to provide information about Tindamax to Welzo users.

Health Benefits

Tindamax is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. These consist of:

- Irritable bowel infections

- Gynecological infections

- Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) like giardiasis and trichomoniasis

Other uses for tintamax that aren't covered in this medication guide are also possible.

Side Effects

Tindamax's typical side effects include:

- Diarrhea

- Diarrhea

- Vomiting

- Dizziness or upset stomach

Among the less frequent side effects are:

- Vertigo - Headache - Itching or discharge from the vagina - A metallic aftertaste

Additionally, Tindamax may have harmful side effects, including:

Fever, muscle aches or weakness, skin or eye yellowing, dark urine, excruciating stomach pain, and breathing difficulties

If you have an allergy to tinidazole or any other component of Tindamax, avoid taking it.

Inform your doctor if you are expecting or nursing in order to ensure your safety.

Dosage and Administration

A single dose of 2 grams (g) of Tindamax is typically prescribed for adults. You might need to take Tindamax for 3 to 5 days in order to treat some infections.

A single dose of 50 milligrams (mg) per kilogram (kg) of body weight is advised for children 3 years of age and older.


Tindamax and other drugs may interact. Your doctor needs to carefully monitor all of your medications to prevent interactions. Tell your doctor about all of your prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal medications that you use.

Mechanism of Action

Tindamax functions by eradicating delicate bacteria from the body. There are some sexually transmitted infections that this medicine may also be used to treat.


Tindamax is quickly absorbed from the digestive system. Within 3 to 5 hours, maximum plasma concentrations are attained. The half-life of elimination is 8 to 12 hours. The majority of tinidazole's metabolites and unchanged drug are excreted in the urine.