How to increase testosterone levels through diet

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What is testosterone?

Your body produces a variety of hormones which control various body functions. Testosterone is one of the vital steroid hormones. It is produced by the testes in males and the ovaries in females. The adrenal gland also produces a small amount in both genders.

Its production is essential as it is vital for reproductive health.

What are normal testosterone levels in men and women?

The testosterone produced by the testes/ovaries and adrenal cortex comes into your blood circulation. The blood carries it to the target site. Your physician may ask you to undergo a blood test to determine testosterone levels.

It is measured in nanograms per decilitre (ng/dL) of the blood. It is primarily a hormone of men, and its levels in men range between 300-1000 ng/dL. However, your physician will consider your age, nutritional status and health status while analysing the results. The doctor may group you in one of the following categories based on testosterone levels.

  • Lower baseline category in which the level is below 250 ng/dL
  • Lower to normal category in which the level is 250-400 ng/dL
  • Normal category in which level is more than 400 ng/dL

Normal testosterone levels in women are lower, and the range is 15-70 ng/dL. However, the conditions like ovarian/ testicular tumours etc... may cause abnormally higher levels of this hormone in both genders.

How is testosterone level determined?

A blood testosterone test measures the total testosterone in your body. Only 2-3% of this testosterone is free, and the rest is bound to albumin or sex hormone binding (SHBG). The attachment to albumin is weak, and therefore, both free and albumin-bound testosterone is available for you.

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Why are testosterone levels vital for you?

You might wonder why I should bother you. Wait a minute; its functions are essential for you!

It is the primary sex hormone of men. Its production influences sperm production in the testes and controls sex drive. Have you noticed a louder voice and growth of beard and body hair in men after puberty? It is due to this hormone. Can you imagine if one has no testosterone? This would be a severe problem.

Besides its role as a primary sex hormone, it is also involved in various functions in both genders.

  1. It influences a sense of competition and drive.
  2. It influences fat distribution in the body.
  3. It affects the strength and mass of your muscle mass. It causes an increase in the number and strength of muscle cells and improves muscle growth.
  4. It is necessary for the hairs on your scalp and other body parts. Balding men and women are usually found to have declining testosterone levels (androgenic alopecia).
  5. It is also involved in the production of red blood cells.
  6. It is essential for bone health.
  7. It is involved in the growth, repair and maintenance of the reproductive tissues of women.

Can you boost testosterone levels naturally through diet?

Can your diet help you to improve testosterone? Nutrition can affect testosterone levels enormously. If you notice a falling testosterone level, appropriate nutritional strategies may help you to boost testosterone naturally. Nutritionists have identified various testosterone-boosting foods. Let's discuss some of them.

Green leafy vegetable

Green vegetables have numerous health benefits. Besides being a source of essential vitamins A and C, they are rich in valuable minerals, e.g., calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Magnesium is a beneficial mineral, and its higher levels are found to be helpful in combating low testosterone levels. It also improves sperm health.

Your testosterone levels fall as you enter your older years. So, it would be wise to add more vegetables as your age advance.



Traditionally, oysters are recommended in various cultures to boost sex drive. The oyster shells are rich in zinc, a testosterone-boosting mineral. A recent study showed that oyster shell has 61.55mg of zinc per kilogram and its use can significantly improve testosterone levels.

Besides this, an earlier study showed that zinc is required in DNA synthesis. So, zinc supplementation will result in healthier sperm and more chances of conception.


Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the vital testosterone boosters. Extra virgin olive oil is mainly rich in vitamin D and antioxidants, which help fight ageing and its associated low testosterone levels.

Being a source of healthy fats, it will support your overall well-being.



Eggs are rich in selenium. This mineral is well known for its testosterone-boosting properties.

So, eggs could be an excellent stimulator for the male sex hormone, and they could be used to boost masculine sexual function. It is recommended to eat at least two eggs each day if you are not allergic.



Ginger is an integral part of our kitchen. Besides making your food delicious, it has numerous medicinal benefits. Various studies have noted that a regular dose of ginger for three months can significantly boost your sex hormone levels.

So, making ginger a part of your balanced diet would be a wise thing to do.



Do you hate the irritating stench of onions? You are not alone. But, you will be amazed to know that it is suitable for your reproductive health. It is a rich source of minerals which help raise testosterone levels. Recent research in Jordan proves it.


Seafood and fish oil

Seafood is an essential treasure of omega-three fatty acids. The fish oil obtained from heavy fish is also a rich omega-three fatty acids source. This fatty acid has various health benefits. Besides lowering your cholesterol levels, it is well known to increase testosterone production.

Mackerel, trout, salmon, and sardine fishes are rich omega-three fatty acids sources.



Red meat is an excellent source of minerals and Vitamin D. Although excessive consumption of beef is not recommended (it increases the occurrence of colorectal cancer), it is nevertheless a good booster of your T levels.

So, include beef in your diet at least once a week and enjoy your health.


Bottom line

According to wellness professionals, testosterone deficiency syndrome could damage your sexual health. However, the good news is that you can increase testosterone levels through dietary manipulation. Although the list of such foods is limitless, you can include the foods mentioned earlier in your regular diet to combat the symptoms of low testosterone.

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