What vitamins should I take (quiz)?

what vitamins do I need? quiz

Identify your vitamin needs for a better life.

Essential vitamin and mineral complex

Vitamins are the organic compounds needed by the body for vital functions. Vitamin supplements are widely used nowadays to combat vitamin deficiencies.

How to choose the right vitamin supplements?

Which vitamin(s) should you take? The answer is not so simple. Vitamin deficiencies don’t go unnoticed. The presence of some deficiency symptoms will tell you which vitamin you should include in your diet. Moreover, the choice of vitamin supplements also depends on your life stages (e.g., pregnancy, lactation etc...) and diet (e.g., taking a mixed diet or a vegetarian or vegan diet).

The data is represented in the form of a quiz. Read them and identify which vitamin you need.

Q.1: Which vitamin is the anti-sterility hormone?

Answer: Vitamin E.

It is also known as the beauty hormone. It is required for the normal functioning of the reproductive organs. A low vitamin E in the diet can cause sterility.

Q.2: Which vitamin is prescribed for clotting failures?

Answer. Vitamin K.

This vitamin helps in normal blood clotting. Its deficiency can lead to bleeding issues as clotting is essential for wound healing and eventually, disease control.

Q.3: Which vitamin is recommended if you have weak bones?

Answer: Vitamin D.

This vitamin is produced in melanocytes under sunlight. It helps in the proper absorption of calcium and is essential for bone health.

Q.4: Which vitamin could be deficient in kidney diseases?

Answer: Vitamin D.

This hormone is produced in the kidney and could be deficient in kidney patients.

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Q.5: Which vitamin is seldom required in supplements?

Answer: Vitamin K.

It is synthesised by the bacteria present in the colon and does not need to be included in the supplements for a healthy person.

Q.6: Which vitamin is deficient if you notice bleeding from gums or blood in the stools and urine?

Answer: Vitamin K.

This vitamin is required for blood clotting and its deficiency can lead to these problems.

Q.7: Which vitamin is required for healthy skin?

Answer: Vitamin A.

This vitamin is a well-known anti-oxidant and protects the eyes and skin from oxidative damage.

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Q.8: Which vitamin is required during the first phase of pregnancy to avoid birth defects?

Answer: Folic acid.

Its deficiency can cause neural tube defects in babies.

Q.9: Which vitamin is required to treat scurvy?

Answer. Vitamin C.

The deficiency of this vitamin cause scurvy.

Q.10: Which vitamin is recommended to treat pellagra?

Answer: Niacin.

Its deficiency causes pellagra.

Q.11: Which vitamin is recommended to treat weak muscles and nerve transmission problems?

Answer: Vitamin E.

It is required for healthy muscles and nerves. Its deficiency can cause chronic fatigue and nerve problems.

Q.12: Which vitamin deficiency cause night blindness?

Answer: Vitamin A.

It is required for the proper development of eye cells.

Q.13: Pantothenic acid is required for which pathway?

Answer: Synthesis of fatty acids.

Q.14: Which vitamin is required in anaemia?

Answer: Vitamin B6.

It is involved in the synthesis of red blood cells.

Q.15: Which vitamin is prescribed for cancer?

Answer: Vitamin D and B17.

Q.16: Which vitamin is required for brittle nails and hair loss?

Answer: Biotin.

This vitamin promotes healthy hair and nails.

Q.17: Which vitamin is known as an anti-ageing vitamin?

Answer: Vitamin A.

It is a powerful antioxidant and protects skin cells from oxidative damage.

Q.18: Which is the anti-stress vitamin?

Answer: Vitamin B1.

This vitamin treats depression and improves mood.

Q.19: Which vitamin can help in inflammatory conditions?

Answer: Vitamin A.

This vitamin also has anti0inflammatory properties and is recommended for different inflammatory reactions.

Q.20: Which hormone is required for healthy sperm?

Answer: Vitamin C and E.

Both of these vitamins are anti-oxidants and protect the DNA of sperms from oxidative damage.


Enrich your diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products and eat a well-balanced diet to combat the vitamin deficiency symptoms. However, low levels of some vitamins may need a multivitamin supplement. Noting the deficiency symptoms is the best test for diagnosis of vitamin deficiencies.#

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