7 Best Bingo Wing Exercises for Toner Arms

7 Best Bingo Wing Exercises for Toner Arms

What are Bingo Wings?

"Bingo wings" is a colloquial term commonly used to describe the loose skin and excess fat that accumulate around the upper arm area, particularly noticeable when the arm is raised and the skin sags or flaps. This phenomenon is most frequently observed in older adults, but can affect anyone who experiences significant weight fluctuations or lacks muscle tone in the arms. The name 'bingo wings' amusingly stems from the notion of people waving their arms during a bingo game, which can highlight this flapping skin movement.

Medically, the appearance of bingo wings is associated with a decrease in skin elasticity and muscle tone, which are natural parts of the aging process. Factors such as genetics, diet, and overall physical activity levels also play crucial roles in the development and severity of bingo wings. Dr. Helen Banner, a specialist in sports medicine, points out that "as we age, our skin loses collagen and elasticity, and if not managed through proper diet and exercise, this can lead to more pronounced bingo wings."

Understanding bingo wings involves recognising the interplay between dermatological health and muscle atrophy. It's not just an aesthetic concern but can also reflect an individual's overall physical health. Addressing this issue effectively requires a multifaceted approach, combining strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and nutritional adjustments to improve both skin condition and muscle tone in the upper arms. As such, this section delves into the physiological aspects of bingo wings, exploring their causes, implications, and the most effective strategies for management and reduction.

Best Bingo Wing Exercises for Toner Arms

The pursuit of toner arms and the reduction of bingo wings can be effectively addressed through a selection of targeted exercises that focus on strengthening and defining the triceps muscles. Exercises such as tricep dips, overhead tricep extensions, and close-grip bench presses are pivotal as they isolate this muscle group, promoting hypertrophy and improving muscle tone under the skin. Additionally, incorporating compound movements like push-ups and plank-ups can augment this effect by engaging multiple muscle groups, thereby increasing overall arm strength and metabolic rate, which aids in fat reduction. Fitness expert Tom Richards recommends incorporating these exercises into regular fitness routines, at least 2-3 times per week, for optimal results, emphasizing that "consistency and progressive overload in these exercises are key to reducing the appearance of bingo wings and achieving firmer, more toned arms."

1. Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are a fundamental exercise that focuses intensely on the triceps muscles at the back of the upper arm, crucial for reducing bingo wings. Dr. Helen Banner, a sports medicine specialist, notes, "Tricep dips are excellent for engaging the entire triceps muscle group, which is vital for arm strength and reducing upper arm flab." The movement involves lowering the body with arms on a stable platform and then pushing back up to the original position. A study in the Journal of Sports Science found that tricep dips significantly activate the triceps muscle, leading to improved muscle tone and reduced fat in the arms when included in a regular workout regimen.

2. Push-Ups


Push-ups not only target the chest and shoulders but are also extremely effective for toning the triceps. According to fitness expert Tom Richards, "Push-ups, when executed with proper form, can significantly activate the triceps muscles and are adaptable to different fitness levels by modifying the body position." Variants such as knee or inclined push-ups can make the exercise suitable for beginners, ensuring everyone can work towards toned arms without risk of injury.

3. Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep kickbacks specifically isolate the triceps. When performed correctly, this exercise causes peak contraction of the triceps, which is optimal for muscle growth and toning. Dr. Banner advises using light weights to start and focusing on form to maximise effectiveness. The controlled extension motion in kickbacks directly contributes to reducing bingo wings by strengthening and firming the triceps.

4. Overhead Tricep Extensions

Overhead Tricep Extensions

Overhead tricep extensions, whether performed standing or seated, effectively isolate the triceps. This exercise involves lowering a weight behind the head and then extending the arms to lift the weight overhead. "The overhead tricep extension is particularly beneficial for the long head of the triceps, helping to improve arm definition and reduce sagging," states personal trainer Lucy Grant. Regular practice of this exercise can significantly improve muscle tone in the upper arms.

5. Arm Circles

Arm Circles

Arm circles target the shoulders and triceps with continuous, circular arm movements that can be enhanced with weights. This exercise is noted for its benefits in improving muscular endurance and skin elasticity around the arms. Fitness consultant Mark Thompson comments, "Arm circles are an excellent low-impact exercise that can help tone the arms and improve joint mobility."

6. Plank Ups

Plank Ups

Plank ups combine the benefits of planks and push-ups, engaging the core, triceps, and shoulders simultaneously. "This exercise not only strengthens the triceps but also enhances core stability, which is crucial for overall fitness," explains Dr. Emily White, a physiotherapist. The dynamic movement involved in transitioning between a plank and a push-up position challenges the muscles, making it a powerful exercise for reducing bingo wings.

7. Close-Grip Bench Press

Close-Grip Bench Press

The close-grip bench press is a variation of the traditional bench press that focuses more on the triceps. By narrowing the grip, the emphasis shifts from the chest to the triceps, making it an effective exercise for arm toning. Sports scientist Dr. James Lee states, "The close-grip bench press should be incorporated into fitness routines to specifically target and strengthen the triceps, helping to reduce the appearance of bingo wings."

In conclusion, incorporating these exercises into a regular fitness routine can lead to significant improvements in arm tonus and strength, addressing the common issue of bingo wings. Supported by expert insights and scientific research, each exercise has been selected for its specific benefits to the triceps muscles, ensuring a comprehensive approach to arm toning.

People Also Ask

Is it possible to get rid of bingo wings?

Yes, it is possible to reduce the appearance of bingo wings, which are the areas of loose skin and excess fat on the upper arms, particularly around the triceps. This can be achieved through a combination of regular targeted exercise, which strengthens and tones the triceps muscles, and overall body weight management. Consistent cardiovascular activities combined with strength training exercises specifically designed for the arms are effective strategies. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet can also help in reducing overall body fat, contributing to less noticeable bingo wings.

What is the best treatment for bingo wings?

The best treatment for bingo wings generally involves a multifaceted approach including exercise, diet, and in some cases, medical or cosmetic treatments. Regularly performing exercises that focus on the upper arms, such as tricep dips, push-ups, and arm circles, can significantly help in toning the muscles beneath the bingo wings. A balanced diet that creates a caloric deficit can also reduce body fat. For those looking for more immediate results, cosmetic treatments like laser therapy, cryolipolysis, or even surgical options such as brachioplasty (arm lift) might be considered. Continue for 19 Best Effective Fitness Exercise

Can you get rid of bingo wings at 60?

Yes, individuals at 60 can still effectively reduce the appearance of bingo wings, although it might require more effort compared to younger people due to natural changes in muscle mass and skin elasticity with age. Incorporating strength training exercises that target the triceps and maintaining an active lifestyle are crucial. It's also important for older adults to focus on protein intake to help maintain muscle mass and engage in regular physical activity to manage body weight. Consulting with a fitness professional who can tailor a safe and effective exercise regimen is advisable for the best results. Additionally, some older individuals may consider non-invasive cosmetic treatments as part of their strategy to address bingo wings.


In addressing the persistent concern of bingo wings, an integrated approach that combines physical exercise, dietary management, and potentially medical interventions proves to be the most effective strategy. As we have explored through various exercises such as tricep dips, push-ups, and close-grip bench presses, the targeted strengthening of the triceps muscles is fundamental. Dr. Helen Banner emphasises that "consistent engagement in these exercises, accompanied by proper nutritional support, can lead to significant improvements in both the tone and appearance of the upper arms."

Additionally, maintaining a balanced diet plays an indispensable role. A reduction in overall body fat achieved through a calorie-controlled diet enhances the results of physical training. This is supported by research from the Journal of Nutritional Science, which shows a direct correlation between balanced macronutrient intake and fat reduction in adults over the age of 50. As fitness expert Tom Richards points out, "Nutritional discipline when combined with regular exercise magnifies the toning effect on the triceps and reduces the sagging commonly seen in bingo wings."

For those seeking immediate results or who have not achieved their desired outcomes through exercise and diet alone, medical treatments such as cryolipolysis or laser therapy offer viable alternatives. These treatments, which must be administered by healthcare professionals, can specifically target and reduce fat deposits and improve skin elasticity. Moreover, surgical options like brachioplasty, which involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the upper arms, provide a more definitive solution albeit with longer recovery times and higher costs. According to Dr. Emily White, "Brachioplasty can offer transformative results, particularly in cases where patients have experienced significant weight loss and suffer from extensive loose skin."

The challenge of bingo wings is not insurmountable, even in individuals over the age of 60. The approach, however, should be adjusted for age-related changes in muscle elasticity and skin firmness. As Dr. James Lee notes, "Older adults can still achieve remarkable improvements in their arm appearance through a carefully modified exercise routine that respects their body’s limits." Regular consultations with fitness and health professionals can ensure that the exercise and dietary regimen remains safe, effective, and tailored to individual health profiles.

In summary, the eradication of bingo wings is achievable through persistence, proper exercise, and nutritional management. The importance of adhering to a routine that includes both strength training and cardiovascular elements cannot be overstated. For those who require additional intervention, medical treatments provide an adjunct or alternative to traditional methods. The combination of these strategies not only addresses the aesthetic concerns associated with bingo wings but also contributes to overall physical health and wellbeing. As we continue to explore and understand the dynamics of muscle toning and skin elasticity, further advancements in both exercise regimens and medical treatments are anticipated, offering hope and improved outcomes for individuals dealing with this common issue.


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