Fit 9 (Sascha Fitness) Side Effects & Benefits Reviewed

Fit 9 (Sascha Fitness) Side Effects & Benefits Reviewed - welzo
Health professionals often do not recommend weight loss medications as they cause more side effects than benefits. However, some products based on natural ingredients promise to improve overall wellness by boosting metabolism and burning extra fat. These natural products qualify the Hippocratic Oath, i.e., "First, do no harm", meaning if they do not cause any benefit, they are also not likely to pose any risk to the patient's life. 

Fit 9 by Sascha Fitness is one such product. Given the product's popularity, we decided to test it and provide a comprehensive review of its benefits and side effects. Besides testing, we consulted health and fitness professionals, collected user feedback, and searched the published research to provide a realistic picture for potential users.

Fit 9 (Sascha Fitness) Side Effects & Benefits Reviewed

What is Fit 9? 

It is a weight loss natural supplement by Sascha Fitness that promises to burn unwanted fat by boosting the metabolism. The claimed benefits are not limited to weight loss; it is claimed to improve overall fitness by regulating hormonal levels, raising collagen synthesis, and lowering anxiety. The Sascha Fitness team has suggested the following mechanisms used by Fit 9 to cause weight loss;

  • Improved metabolism
  • Better hormone balance
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Balancing fluid intake and loss 
  • Lowering of cellulite by supporting collagen regeneration
  • Positive impact on stress and mood

Break down of the ingredient profile

The name Fit 9 refers to the presence of 9 super ingredients. These natural ingredients make it a vegan-friendly product. As the ingredients are naturally sourced, they are less potent than purified ingredients, and Sascha Fitness recommends taking up to 4 capsules per day. However, to start with, two capsules are enough and are increased to 4 only if everything goes well. 

The company doesn't classify the information about the amount of each ingredient. It is problematic given that the efficacy of an ingredient is highly dependent upon its dose. The user is left to the trial and error game without such information to decide the best-suited dose. 

The main ingredients in this product and their scientific backing are;

7-keto DHEA

It is a non-hormonal product of DHEA metabolism and is produced in the brain, adrenal glands, and skin. It is a thermogenic agent that induces the production of heat. Its declining levels in older age are responsible for a slower resting metabolic rate (RMR). 

The scientific backing is available, and a recent systematic review in the Archives of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in 2023 noted that it did cause a significant decrease in body weight. One study noted a decrease in BMI, while the other reported a reduction in body fat percentage.

Gotu Kola

This so-called 'longevity herb' is used in traditional medicine to improve digestion, hasten wound healing, and boost cognitive health and blood circulation. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties. There is no evidence related to its direct link to weight loss, and it is perhaps included in the supplement to boost overall health. 

Dandelion root 

It is believed to lower the absorption of fats and fluid retention and increase carbohydrate metabolism. It is an excellent source of vitamins A, E, C and K. A research on mice in 2013 reported that dandelion leaf extract (DLE) significantly reduced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in the mice fed high-fat diets. There are no human studies, however.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) 

This compound is found in many leafy greens and helps regulate oestrogen levels. It removes the phytoestrogens (plant sources of oestrogen imitators) that cause weight gain. 

A study in 2017 by Hee Yang and colleagues (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea) using a higher dose of 50mg per Kg body weight noted a decrease in obesity. However, the dose in Fit 9 is not known, and we cannot guess its efficacy.

Uva Ursi

It is an herbal extract obtained from the leaves of an evergreen shrub, Arctostaphylos. There is no scientific backing. However, its leaves are used in Native American traditional medicine to remove excessive bodily fluids and boost kidney health. The loss of excess fluids indirectly contributes to the weight loss.

Green tea

Green tea contains a host of nutrients, particularly antioxidants, that are beneficial for health. It has flavonoids that increase the fat burning by increasing the rate of metabolism. A large-scale review published by the Cochrane Library in 2012 noted that 12-13 weeks of regular use of green tea preparations caused a variable decrease in body weight of 0.2 to 3.5kg.

Ginkgo Biloba 

It is a tree native to China and is highly influential in traditional Chinese medicine. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and improves mood, memory and blood circulation. 

A group of researchers at the Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil, reported that Ginkgo Biloba extract is helpful for the treatment of obesity-related metabolic diseases in obese rats and improves insulin sensitivity. Human studies are, however, limited.


It is an amino acid that induces relaxation, lowers stress and improves cognitive functions. It is present in green tea and in smaller amounts in oolong and black tea. The research has noted that it has an immunomodulatory role in intestinal health, nerve damage, inflammation and cancers.

Does Fit 9 work?

As most ingredients have research backing to their health benefits, we can safely assume that they promote wellness and weight loss. However, with no information about the dosing of different ingredients, we are unable to guess the product's efficacy and have to rely on users' opinions.

Fit 9 (Sascha Fitness) Side Effects & Benefits Reviewed

Moreover, the product lacks any potent thermogenic ingredient, and the scientific evidence for many ingredients is inconclusive. Oddly, the product contains no appetite suppressant, e.g., glucomannan.

Despite a lacklustre nutrient profile, the product received a positive response from consumers, with good sales and positive ratings at Amazon, rated 4.7 out of 5. We are unsure about the quality of these reviews but can’t simply brush them aside. Only a few of these reviews could be suspected to be false or influenced by the prestige and popularity of Sascha Barboza, the Venezuelan fitness enthusiast and the owner of the Sascha fitness brand. 

The reviews from health bloggers, fitness professionals, and healthcare providers are mixed; some are overly appreciative, while others point to the lack of information about the ingredient profile, lack of proper fat-burning ingredients, etc.

Welzo Review


  • Positive user reviews 
  • Cost-effective
  • Unique and natural ingredient profile 


  • Lacks any potent fat burner
  • No appetite suppressant present
  • Proprietary blend with no scientific backing for many ingredients 

“Fit 9 by Sascha Fitness has an overall positive reception, Somewhat due to brand loyalty. Its natural ingredient profile promises safety. Leaving aside the face value; the ingredient profile is not fully classified, which inspires little confidence in its weight loss abilities. We recommend a more robust weight loss solution like weight loss injections for someone looking for better results.”

Check out the Welzo Weight Loss Blood Test to see if the weight loss is normal or is a sign of some illness.

Side effects and safety of Fit 9

Fit 9 contains natural ingredients and is prepared at advanced GMP-certified facilities. However, it does contain ingredients that cause side effects, and many users have reported experiencing issues like stomach pain, low blood pressure and excessive urination. 

These side effects are easily manageable and are not serious. However, people with serious health conditions must consult their healthcare provider before using it. 

Fit 9 (Sascha Fitness) Side Effects & Benefits Reviewed

People Also Ask  

What are the side effects of Fit 9 by Sascha Fitness? 

Some ingredients in this product cause mild side effects, e.g., changes in urine colour, nausea and headaches. As it contains caffeine, too much higher doses causes rapid heartbeat, irritability, nausea, sleepiness and nervousness. 

Is Sascha Restore the same as Sascha Fit 9? 

No, both are different products with different nutrient profiles and different purposes. While Fit 9 is primarily sold as a weight loss supplement, Sascha Restore is used to reduce cortisol levels, anxiety and stress and manage the stress related food cravings. 

What is the daily dosage of Fit 9? 

Per manufacturers' recommendations, four capsules must be taken daily to achieve the claimed benefits. A scientific dose can only be established if the formula is classified.


Fit 9 is a weight loss supplement by Sascha Fitness based on natural ingredients. It is a proprietary blend of 9 ingredients, some of which have scientific backing. However, the dosages of different ingredients are not classified, and there is no potent fat burner or appetite suppressant. We suggest a more powerful weight loss supplement for someone looking for faster results.

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