A&D Blood Pressure Arm Monitor - UA-611
A&D Blood Pressure Arm Monitor - UA-611

A&D Blood Pressure Arm Monitor - UA-611

A&D Blood Pressure Arm Monitor - UA-611
A&D Blood Pressure Arm Monitor - UA-611 is an upper arm blood pressure monitor that detects movement, hypertension and irregular heartbeats. This clinically approved monitor has advanced features and a jumbo screen for ease of use.
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What is A&D Blood Pressure Arm Monitor - UA-611?

The A&D Blood Pressure Arm Monitor is a clinically validated blood pressure reader. It has various advanced features, e.g., irregular heartbeat indicator (IHB), average reading function and over 30 unique measurement storages. This device is very efficient and detects irregular heartbeat and hypertension. This is an easy-to-use device that requires a one-button operation.

How does it work?

It is easy to apply. Relax your arm, and slip the cuff up to the level of your heart. In a properly fitted cuff, the space between the cuff and the arm should be enough to adjust at least a finger. Follow the user manual.

Is the A&D Blood Pressure Arm Monitor - UA-611 suitable for me?

This device is for you if you have cardiovascular disease or are exposed to cardiovascular risk factors. In both cases, the doctor may ask you to monitor and record your heartbeat and blood pressure regularly. 

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Additional Information

This is a digital device and needs proper calibration for accurate results. Improper calibration or improper use can misguide you. It would help if you also correlate it results with the physical signs and symptoms.


1. Remove any tight-fitting clothing from your upper arm.

2. Sit comfortably on a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

3. Put your left arm through the cuff loop with the bottom of the cuff approximately 1-2 cm above your elbow. Adjust the cuff around your arm until the tubing is running down the centre of your arm in line with your middle finger (palm should be open and facing upwards).

4. Secure the cuff around your arm with the cloth closure. Pull the cuff so that the top and bottom edges are evenly tight around your arm.

5. Make sure that the cuff feels secure but not too tight (it should be tightened to that it is difficult to slide 2 fingers under the cuff). 

6. Relax your arm and put your elbow on the table so that the cuff is positioned at the same level as your heart. Face the palm of your hand upward.

7. Ensure that there are no kinks in the air tubing and that your elbow is not resting on the air tube once you begin to take the reading. 

8. Press the 'START' button to begin the blood pressure reading. 

Disclaimer: This website does not constitute as medical advice, you should also consult with a doctor before taking medications and using these devices. If you experience any major reactions to any medication you are taking, you must seek immediate medical attention.


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What are the most reliable and accurate blood pressure monitor for home use?

The upper arm monitors are the most reliable and accurate device. As it is fixed at the level of the heart, it gives the most accurate results than wrist devices.

How to check if the device is working accurately?

A digital monitor works best for 2-3 years. It then begins to lose efficiency. So, it would help if you were sceptical of its readings after this period.

Which is accurate? Wrist BP monitor or the upper arm monitor?

Both are used, but studies and experts have found that the upper arm meters are far better than the wrist meters and give far better results. Medical professionals do not even recommend the wrist meters.

What are the normal daily fluctuations of blood pressure?

The blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day. Blood pressure is lowest in the middle of sleep. It begins to rise before morning and reaches a peak during midday. It then begins to drop toward evening.

Can a highly tight cuff disturb the reading?

A highly tight cuff (due to its small size) can disturb the reading as the heart will increase the force of the pump to adjust to the increased friction. Studies have noted that a tight cuff can increase the systolic pressure by 10-40 mmHg.

Which is better for blood pressure measurement? Right arm or the left arm?

For right-handed people, it is recommended to take the reading from the left arm. However, you may be asked to take the readings from the right arm depending upon the situation. It would help if you sat for some time before taking the reading.

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