Does mindfulness improve erections? A step-by-step guide

Mindfulness enriches your sexual experience by helping you achieve a strong erection.

Does mindfulness improve erections? A step-by-step guide

Mindfulness practice is excellent sexual and relationship therapy.

Mindfulness meditation training improves your concentration during sex.

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are well known. Twenty minutes of meditation for weeks are required to get desired benefits. It improves almost all aspects of your life by improving concentration and the research has shown that a regular mindfulness meditation practice for 8-16 weeks enhances the efficiency of self-regulation of attention.

But, can it improve your erection and sexual performance? To understand it, you should know how the mind and psychology are involved in the erection and how stress and loss of concentration can destroy it.

Sex is a game of concentration

Your blood will flow where your mind is. For example, if you are engaged in study and suddenly note a snake or other predator, your mind will be diverted, and blood flow will be directed towards the legs and arms for fight or flight. It is valid for sex too.

The nervous system tightly controls all components of sexual intercourse foreplay, erection, intromission, and ejaculation. If anything can divert your mind, it can compromise your sex life and healthy intercourse. It is where mindfulness comes to your help.

A loss of concentration can devastate your sexual satisfaction

According to Harvard researchers, mindfulness is related to your everyday activities. If you have a habit of working without complete focus, you are likely to miss something that will stick in your mind while you are on another task, thus compromising it too. Therefore, preventing your mind from jumping to the past or future while working and staying in the moment is essential.

Any thoughts during the sexual activity can divert your attention, and you will lose already attained erection (erectile dysfunction) in men and mood in both partners. You will find difficulty in getting back again.

How does mindfulness help in sex?

Regular meditation lowers stress and thus the stress hormone levels, and a 2013 study found that it can reduce the risk of stress-related diseases, e.g., peptic ulcer, migraine, etc. It produces relaxation that activates the parasympathetic division of the nervous system (PSNS) which is responsible for erection.

On the other hand, stress will activate the sympathetic division of the nervous system (SNS) that terminates the erection by inducing a fight or flight response that is required to cope with any stress resulting in sexual difficulties and compromised sexual health.

How do you achieve mindfulness? A step-by-step guide.

Achieving mindfulness is tricky, and you have to change your working attitudes. This step-by-step approach can improve your sexual functioning by influencing your mental health. It can also help men with erectile dysfunction.

1.     Practice mindfulness meditation regularly

Take some time for meditation, and it goes as follows;

Yoga and other mindfulness practices are excellent sex therapy.


  • Choose a quiet corner of the home, preferably in a semi darker environment.

  • Sit down in an erect position, make your mind thought-free, and remain in this state for at least 20 minutes.

  • You must regularly allocate the same time of the day for this activity and keep doing so for weeks.

Within weeks, you will begin to notice the difference. Be gentle to yourself during the whole mindfulness training. Practicing mindfulness will improve your sexual concentration and reduce anxiety.

2.     Take away the performance anxiety

It is your internal state of mind that matters. Most men habitually see sex as a show of their strength and masculinity. They are susceptible to failure because they think a failure will make them inferior in their partner's mind and compromise their social standing. Such a state of mind can kill your attention and ultimately the erection.

You should know that sex is not a one-person show and is not a stage performance. Moreover, no one, even your partner, is evaluating and scoring your performance, and your partner is equally responsible for sexual success. Also, it would help if you understood that failing at any time will not harm you anyway. Like a retreating soldier, you should retire peacefully to fight another day. Stop thinking about others' minds. Just focus on you and your partner.

Performance anxiety can kill your sexual satisfaction.


Failing in sex is not unusual and occasional failure is not a sign of impotence. Focus on foreplay and try to make sex a whole-body activity rather than an activity limited to sexual organs only.

3.     Use your senses properly

Focusing on your senses can improve mindfulness and help you handle sexual distress. Pay close attention to the voice, body texture, the fragrance of hair and whole body, softness, and physical beauty of your partner by a masterful use of your senses of smell, vision, hearing, and touch. Such an approach will improve your focus and enhance your erection and enrich your sexual experience.

Make your sex a whole-body experience.


Use some techniques to play with senses, e.g., ice cubes, blindfolds, ties, and gentle massages with some fragrant oil. There are a lot of sex toys available in the market designed to enrich your touch experience and make you more mindful of sex.

4.     Keep your phone away

Despite its benefits, improper use of technology can erode away your focus. Looking at the mobile screen and responding to every notification can kill your sexual experience. The time you spend in front of the digital screen is directly related to your stress levels, and a recent study has found that people too dependent on digital screens have 19% higher emotional stress than others.

So, you shouldn't only make your phone silent or put them on the bedside table; if you are not expecting any emergency calls, you can switch it off (or place it on aeroplane mode) and place it in another room as its very sight can kill your attention. Also, engage in sexual activities only when you are not expecting any visitor, e.g., at night or on trips.

5.     Be attentive to your partner

It is the theme of any mindfulness program. Your attention can be compromised by work deadlines, invitations, Facebook notifications, or some past events. Avoiding these will enable you and your partner to enjoy a deep and prolonged session.

In short, it is required for you and your partner to be in the present moment and make every experience novel. Switch off yourself from the world and focus entirely on your partner. Sharpening your mindfulness skills can help a lot.


Practising mindfulness meditation is an excellent marital and family therapy. It can enrich your sexual experience by improving erection.

Relationship satisfaction is the basis of a healthy union.


Sexual activity requires a good deal of attention and attention is a product of various biological and psychological factors. On the psychological side, improving your mindfulness through meditation, reducing screen time, managing performance pressure, and using your senses can help enormously.

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