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Finasteride is a prescription medication used to treat male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is an inhibitor of the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase which metabolises testosterone to a more potent hormone dihydrotestosterone. 

Finasteride 1mg needs to be taken daily for 3-6 months to see any visible benefit. 

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Nathalie Hayek reviewed
"Customer service was quick to respond and medication arrived the very next day!"
Anthony Limasol reviewed
"Quick, fast and reliable service. Use Welzo monthly for my medication."
Remeece Freeman reviewed
"No fuss, and fast delivery. Welzo dispatched my order the same day and it arrived in the morning."
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Description of Finasteride

Finasteride for Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia is a common condition that affects many men, particularly those over the age of 50.

Finasteride is a prescription medication that can be used to treat men with hair loss however, it is also a medication for the treatment of an enlarged prostate. 

What is Finasteride and how does it work?

Finasteride is a medication called a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It works by stopping the male sex hormone, testosterone, from turning into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is what causes hair loss symptoms and the growth of your prostate.

Finasteride is intended to be used to prevent further hair loss for those with mild to moderate hair loss.

Finasteride is for men aged over 18 and cannot be taken by women.

Is Finasteride right for me?

If you are looking to prevent hair loss, Finasteride may be right for you. However, it may not be suitable for you if you have the following:

  • If you are allergic to finasteride
  • If you are a child or adolescent
  • If you are female
  • If you are already taking finasteride or any other 5α-reductase inhibitor

Side Effects of Finasteride

All medications can cause potential side effects, below we have listed some potential side effects of Finasteride. However, these do not always occur and are mostly mild in nature. But if you experience any prolonged or worrying side effects of Finasteride, please discontinue the medication immediately and consult your doctor.

Common side effects include:

  • Decreased sexual drive
  • Problems getting an erection
  • Depression
  • Problems with ejaculation

Additional Information

Finasteride is a Type II 5α-reductase inhibitor, which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Finasteride is used to treat male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) in men only.

It is not for use by women.

Finasteride Side Effects

- Decreased sex drive

- Impotence

- Trouble having an orgasm

- Abnormal ejaculation

- Swelling in your hands or feet

- Swelling or tenderness in your breasts

Finasteride may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

How to take Finasteride?

Always take Finasteride exactly as prescribed by your doctor or advised by the pharmacist. The recommended starting dose is one tablet each day, however, in presence of other factors, this may be increased or decreased accordingly as per the prescriber's clinical judgement.

  • Swallow one tablet daily
  • It can be taken with or without food, if necessary with a small amount of water
  • Be advised that it can take up to six months before an improvement is noticed
  • Do not take more than one tablet per day.

Warnings and Precautions of Finasteride

Finasteride may not be safe if taken with other medication or recreational drugs. Please inform the prescriber if you are taking any of the listed medications.

DO NOT take Finasteride:

  • If you are allergic to finasteride or other ingredients in this medication.
  • If you are already taking finasteride or any other 5α-reductase inhibitor

The above-listed warnings are not exhaustive, please consult a doctor, pharmacist or nurse if you have further questions on the use of this medication or potential interactions with other medicines.


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Finasteride: Hair Loss Treatment

How does finasteride work?

Finasteride works by inhibiting the action of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which is responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a more potent androgen. By reducing the level of DHT in the scalp, finasteride slows, and sometimes even reverses, the miniaturization of hair follicles is caused by androgenetic alopecia or male pattern hair loss.

What does finasteride do?

Finasteride is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostate gland enlargement. It works by lowering levels of DHT, which is implicated in both conditions. For hair loss, finasteride has been shown to slow down and even stop the process, and in some cases, it can help regrow hair. For BPH, finasteride can reduce symptoms such as frequent urination and difficulty in starting to urinate.

Is finasteride used to treat anything else apart from male pattern hair loss?

Yes, apart from treating male pattern hair loss, finasteride is also used to treat symptoms of BPH as mentioned earlier.

Finasteride Tablets Effectiveness and Results:

How long does Finasteride take to work?

The effects of finasteride aren't immediate, it usually takes about three to six months of daily use to notice a slowing of hair loss, and up to a year to notice any actual regrowth. It's important to keep taking the medication regularly because stopping the treatment likely lead to losing any gained or maintained hair.

Finasteride Results: 1 to 3 months

During the first one to three months of using finasteride, the user might notice a slight increase in hair shedding. This is normal and is a sign that the medication is working, as older hairs are shed to make way for new ones.

Finasteride Results: 3 to 6 months

After three to six months, most users notice a significant decrease in hair loss. Some even begin to see signs of new hair growth. It's important to note that results vary widely from person to person.

Finasteride Results: 6 to 12 months

Between six and twelve months, many users experience noticeable hair regrowth or at the very least, a cessation of hair loss. Again, individual results vary; some people respond better to treatment than others.

Does finasteride work in all men?

Finasteride does not work equally well for all men. While most men who use finasteride for male pattern baldness find that it slows their hair loss or even promotes some regrowth, this is not the case for everyone. Around 86% of men who use finasteride experience a halt in hair loss, while about 65% see some degree of hair regrowth, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. However, these numbers do mean that a small percentage of men do not see significant benefits from the treatment. It's also worth noting that the effectiveness of finasteride varies based on factors such as age, the severity of hair loss, and other individual biological factors.

Does finasteride work in older men?

Yes, finasteride works in older men. Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a condition that can affect men of all ages, but the likelihood increases as men get older. Finasteride is effective because it targets the hormonal cause of this hair loss, specifically DHT, which is not age-dependent. It's important to remember that while finasteride can slow hair loss and even lead to regrowth of hair, the response can vary from person to person.

Does finasteride help hair loss?

Yes, finasteride has been proven to be an effective treatment for male pattern hair loss. By inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT, finasteride reduces the level of DHT in the scalp, which is a key factor contributing to male pattern hair loss. As a result, finasteride slows or stops the progression of hair loss, and in some cases, it can stimulate new hair growth.

Can finasteride regrow hair?

Yes, in some cases finasteride stimulates hair regrowth. However, it's more accurate to say that finasteride primarily slows or stops the progression of hair loss. The degree of hair regrowth varies widely from person to person, and it's more common for finasteride to maintain existing hair count than cause significant regrowth. Also, remember that it typically takes several months of consistent use before results are noticeable.

Is improvement with Finasteride permanent?

No, the improvements with Finasteride are not permanent, they last as long as the person continues to use the medication. If a person stops taking finasteride, the levels of DHT start to rise again in the scalp, and hair loss typically resumes where it left off. This is why finasteride is a long-term treatment option for hair loss.

Finasteride Side Effects

What are the possible side effects of finasteride?

Finasteride is generally well-tolerated, but like all medications, it can cause side effects including sexual problems like decreased sex drive, difficulty achieving an erection, or a decrease in the amount of semen produced. These side effects occur in a very small percentage of men taking finasteride and are usually reversible when the medication is stopped.

What are the long-term effects of finasteride?

Although rare, long-term use of finasteride lead to prolonged side effects such as sexual side effects continuing after stopping the medication, which is a condition sometimes referred to as Post-Finasteride Syndrome. Other less common side effects include breast tenderness or enlargement, rashes, depression, anxiety, and cognitive changes. It's important to consult with a healthcare provider to understand the potential risks and benefits of long-term finasteride use.

What are the cons of finasteride?

While finasteride effectively manages male pattern baldness, it does have potential downsides. The medication must be taken continuously for the benefits to persist, which means it's a long-term commitment. It can also cause side effects, although these are generally rare and reversible. Lastly, finasteride does not work for everyone, and it's more likely to slow hair loss than to cause substantial regrowth.

Does Finasteride cause depression? 

No, depression is not a common side effect of finasteride, but some reports suggest a potential link. In rare cases, men taking finasteride have reported feeling depressed. However, it's unclear whether finasteride directly causes depression or if other factors might be involved. If you're taking finasteride and feel depressed, it's important to seek help from a healthcare provider.

Does finasteride reduce sex drive and fertility?

Yes, in some rare cases, Finasteride causes sexual side effects, which include decreased sex drive (libido), problems with erection, or reduced ejaculate volume. It's important to note that these side effects are relatively rare and usually reversible when the medication is stopped.

As for fertility, there's currently no definitive evidence that finasteride has a long-term impact on a man's ability to conceive a child. Some research indicates that finasteride might decrease sperm count in some men, but this effect seems to be temporary and reversible. In most cases, men taking finasteride have not experienced problems with fertility.

However, if an individual is experiencing sexual side effects or is concerned about fertility, it's important to discuss this with a healthcare provider. They are able to provide further information and help weigh the potential benefits of the medication against these possible side effects.

Does Finasteride work in women with hair loss?

No, Finasteride is not typically prescribed for women, especially those of childbearing age, due to potential risks. This is primarily due to the risk of birth defects if a woman becomes pregnant while taking the medication. Currently, other treatments like minoxidil are usually preferred for treating female pattern hair loss.

Finasteride Usage and Dosage 

Finasteride 1mg

Finasteride 1mg is the standard dosage used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss. This dosage was established based on clinical trials that showed it to be effective at reducing DHT levels in the scalp, and subsequently slowing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.

Finasteride Tablet 5mg

Finasteride 5mg, on the other hand, is typically used for the treatment of BPH. Studies have shown that this higher dosage can effectively reduce prostate size and alleviate symptoms of the condition.

Will finasteride work better if I take a higher dose?

No, increasing the dose of finasteride does not necessarily result in quicker or better results. The standard dose for treating hair loss is 1mg per day. This dosage has been clinically proven to be effective. Taking a higher dose potentially increases the risk of side effects without increasing the drug's effectiveness for hair loss. It's always important to follow the healthcare provider's instructions regarding dosage.

Can I take less than finasteride 1mg daily or take it less often, to reduce the risk of side effects?

Yes, although taking a lower dose might reduce the risk of some side effects, taking less than 1mg of finasteride daily or taking it less frequently has not been proven to be as effective as taking 1mg daily. While it might seem like a good way to reduce the risk of side effects, it reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. It's always important to discuss any concerns with a healthcare provider.

When is the best time of day to take finasteride?

Finasteride can be taken at any time of day. However, it must be taken at the same time each day to maintain a consistent level of the drug in one's body. The key to success with finasteride is consistency, as regular daily use over the long term is required to see and maintain results.

Finasteride Availability and Purchasing

Is finasteride 1mg available through the NHS?

Yes, in the UK, finasteride is available on the NHS, but primarily for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), not for hair loss. The typical dose for BPH is 5mg. For hair loss treatment, a private prescription is typically necessary, and the standard dose is 1mg.

Do you need a prescription for finasteride?

Yes, a prescription is needed for finasteride. It's important to have a healthcare professional evaluate an individual's condition and overall health to determine if finasteride is a suitable treatment.

Can I buy Finasteride cheap in the UK?

Yes, Finasteride is affordable and available to buy online or at a local pharmacy starting at £12.20. Finasteride 1mg and 5mg are available with a prescription. When purchasing online, a person must ensure they are using a reputable pharmacy to avoid counterfeit products. Always buy from authorized sellers and never from unverified sources.

Does Amazon Sell Finasteride tablet?

No, Amazon in the UK does not sell Finasteride tablets, as it is a prescription-only medication.

Can I buy finasteride over the counter UK?

No, in the UK, finasteride is not available over the counter. It is a prescription medication, which means it must be prescribed by a doctor or other licensed healthcare professional. It's important to have a medical evaluation before starting finasteride to make sure it's safe and appropriate for you.

Finasteride Consultation and Medical Advice:

Why should men see a doctor before starting treatment?

It's essential for men to see a healthcare professional before starting treatment with finasteride to get a prescription, to ensure the medication is suitable to use and to receive more information on the medicine. Firstly, finasteride is a prescription medication, so a healthcare professional needs to authorize its use. Secondly, a doctor must evaluate the person's overall health and specific condition to determine if finasteride is the most appropriate and safe treatment for the individual. They can also provide information about the medication and its potential side effects, to help one make an informed decision about the treatment.

Will Finasteride help an area of complete baldness?

No, finasteride is not meant to help in specific areas with complete baldness. Finasteride is most effective at treating hair loss in its early to moderate stages, especially in the crown and mid-scalp areas. It's not typically effective at regrowing hair in areas of complete baldness or reversing complete hair loss. It works primarily by preventing further hair loss, rather than by regrowing lost hair.

Will finasteride reverse complete hair loss?

No, finasteride does not reverse complete hair loss, it helps reduce further hair loss hair and helps regrow where there are still hair follicles. It is generally more effective in the early stages of hair loss, rather than reversing complete hair loss.

Does finasteride lower testosterone?

No, contrary to what some might think, finasteride does not lower testosterone levels. In fact, men taking finasteride see a slight increase in testosterone levels because the drug works by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone contributes to hair loss. The resulting decrease in DHT, not testosterone, helps slow the process of hair loss.

Buy Finasteride Online

Please note the information below is intended for general knowledge, please read the patient information leaflet and/or the information provided by a healthcare professional for more specific guidance. This information should not substitute medical advice.

You can buy Finasteride online from our UK-registered online pharmacy partners. Complete an online consultation form and our system will show you if you are eligible to purchase Finasteride online. Our pharmacists will then review your order of Finasteride and dispatch it discreetly to your address.

How to buy Finasteride online?

You can buy Finasteride by following the following steps.

  1. Fill out our online consultation form
  2. If you are eligible to purchase Finasteride you will be shown it as one of your treatment options
  3. Pay online and receive your order to the comfort of your chosen address

Can I get Finasteride on the NHS?

Whether or not you can get Finasteride on the NHS is dependent on your local guidelines and eligibility status. It is best to contact your local GP service if you are unsure of whether you can get Finasteride from the NHS.

Can you get Finasteride over the counter?

No, you can’t get Finasteride over the counter without a prescription or consultation. Finasteride is a regulated medication so all purchases need to have a prescription and/or suitable consultation form completed.

Can I buy Finasteride online even if I have never taken it before?

A prescribing pharmacist will need to review your consultation form before the medication can be dispatched. One of our partner prescribing pharmacists will review the consultation form and will decide if you are eligible to buy Finasteride.

Is Finasteride safe?

If you have been prescribed Finasteride then it is at the discretion of the prescriber.

However, all medications can potentially have adverse effects and should be taken exactly as prescribed. If you experience any side effects when taking Finasteride then you should contact a doctor immediately.

Are there any foods that should be avoided when taking Finasteride?

We recommend you read the patient information leaflet for this product thoroughly before taking the treatment. This is essential to understanding any interactions that can occur and to take the medication safely.

Can I buy Finasteride from Boots?

It is generally possible to purchase medication, including Finasteride, from UK pharmacies like Boots. However, I recommend checking the Boots website or contacting Boots directly for the most current and accurate information. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new medication.

Can I buy Finasteride from Superdrug?

If you would like to buy Finasteride, you will need to check availability on the Superdrug website.

Can I buy Finasteride from Amazon?

Amazon does not sell medication such as Finasteride, as they are not a pharmacy service provider. Always check with Amazon to see what they sell.

How long does Finasteride take to work?

The time it takes for a Finasteride to work can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the strength, the individual's age, weight, and overall health, as well as any potential interactions with other medications or substances. Generally, the effects of Finasteride may be noticeable within the time frame outlined by the prescribing pharmacist. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage and instructions provided by your healthcare professional, and to consult them if you have any concerns or questions about the medication's efficacy or possible side effects.

How effective is Finasteride?

The effectiveness of Finasteride can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the dosage, the condition being treated, the individual's age, weight, and overall health, as well as the presence of any other medications or substances that might interact with it. While some medications may be highly effective for certain individuals and conditions, others might experience a lesser degree of benefit or may require adjustments to the dosage or additional treatments to achieve the desired results.

What are the risks of taking Finasteride?

At Welzo, we are dedicated to providing our customers with accurate and comprehensive information about medications. We believe that understanding the potential risks and side effects associated with a medication is essential for making informed decisions about your health. This guide outlines some general considerations for assessing the risks of medication and includes references to the National Health Service (NHS) for further information.

  1. Read the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL): Every medication comes with a Patient Information Leaflet, which provides essential details about the drug, its uses, and potential side effects. Be sure to read this leaflet carefully before starting any new medication. The Electronic medicines compendium has a list of patient leaflets. you can visit by heading to
  2. Be aware of potential side effects: All medications have the potential to cause side effects, ranging from mild and short-lived symptoms to more serious, long-lasting issues. It's important to understand the possible side effects of a medication and how to manage them. The NHS has a helpful resource on managing medication side effects, while also speaking to a healthcare professional is important in understanding any potential risks of taking Finasteride.
  3. Interactions with other medications: Some medications may interact with others, leading to increased side effects or reduced effectiveness. Make sure to inform your healthcare professional about all the medications and supplements you are currently taking. The NHS offers a useful tool for checking potential drug interactions here.
  4. Contraindications and precautions: Certain medical conditions or factors may make it unsafe for you to take a particular medication. Before starting any new medication, inform your healthcare professional about your medical history and any current health issues. The NHS provides more information about contraindications and precautions here.
  5. Appropriate use and dosage: It's crucial to follow the prescribed dosage and instructions for taking a medication to ensure its effectiveness and minimise the risk of side effects. The NHS has a useful guide on using medicines safely here.
  6. Monitoring and follow-up: Some medications require regular monitoring or follow-up appointments with your healthcare professional to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Be sure to schedule and attend these appointments as needed.

Can I buy Finasteride in the UK?

Yes, you can buy Finasteride in the UK with a valid prescription and or consultation form. Finasteride is available in the UK for purchase from local pharmacies with a valid prescription and or consultation and to purchase from Welzo if in stock. It is imperative that you ensure that the pharmacy you are buying the products from is licensed and registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

Where can I buy Finasteride?

You can buy Finasteride online from upon completion of a consultation form and a free review from a prescribing pharmacist.

Are Finasteride users satisfied with the product?

We have a list of reviews from customers taking Finasteride at the bottom of this page. For more information of the reviews of Finasteride head over to for further details.

Can I buy Finasteride from an online pharmacy?

Yes, you can purchase Finasteride from an online pharmacy. However, this is dependent on your eligibility for the medication.

How much does Finasteride cost?

The costs of Finasteride are listed at the top of the page. Pricing is provided as a reference as treatment options will be shown upon completing the consultation form.

Are there any permanent side effects for Finasteride?

All medications have a potential to cause varying degree of side effects. Generally, most side effects disappear shortly after discontinuation of the medication. However, it is always advised to consult a doctor before commencing a new medication and to report any issues if experienced whilst taking the medication. 

How does Finasteride work for hair loss?

Finasteride works by inhibiting the production of DHT, which is a hormone that is responsible for hair loss. By reducing the amount of DHT in the scalp, Finasteride is able to help stop hair loss and even promote new hair growth. In general, most people will start to see results from Finasteride after about 6 months of treatment.

Is this medication suitable for me?

Please get in touch with a doctor if you are unsure what medication is suitable for you. You can also complete our online consultation form to check your eligibility for the product.

How is the medication delivered?

All orders placed before 14:00 from Monday to Friday will be dispatched that day. The orders are sent using 24 Hour Tracked delivery provided by Royal Mail. Items will usually arrive the very next day after the order has been placed. We also provide tracking for your orders to check the status and location of your parcel. All our medication is packaged in plain confidential padded white or brown envelopes. This ensures that your orders are discreet, and the content of the orders will be for your eyes only.

Can Finasteride be used by women?

Finasteride 1mg is only approved for use by men. Women of child bearing age are advised NOT to handle broken or crushed tablets of Finasteride. 


Which Finasteride tablet it best?

To treat hair loss, Finasteride 1mg tablet is prescribed, it may be used with other topical hair loss prevention treatments.

How do I order my medication?

Some products only require an online consultation which approximately takes 1 minute to complete, enabling you to then buy the product. Other products will also require a prescription; in this case, you will need to complete the online consultation, and then one of our partner pharmacy prescribers or doctors will review the online consultation questions and approve the order for delivery if you are eligible to purchase the item.

Can I cancel or return my order?

For non-medicinal products, you are eligible to return the product within 14 days of receipt in the same packaging you received. For medicinal products, you are eligible to cancel the order only until it has been dispatched. From that point forward, you are no longer eligible to return the order.

You have the right to cancel your order for medication up to the point when your medication is dispatched.

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