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Celebrities are public figures. They are craving to attract more fans through their work and lifestyle. Therefore, a fit body is a prerequisite to appearing in public. Every celebrity follows a proper diet plan to lose weight for fitness. This piece of writing will describe in detail the weight loss of some celebrities before and after following a strict diet plan.


Adele Laurie:

Adele Laurie is a British singer, born on 5th May 1988. She is one of the most famous singers in the world with sales of over a hundred and twenty million music albums. She has 5 million followers on her Instagram account. She had been nominated for the Grammy award and Academy award.

The year 2008 was the start of her exciting journey. In 2008 appearing in a show, she noticed that audiences commented about her weight gain, but she was confident and said, "I don't make music for eyes; I make music for ears''.

She had started facing disgraceful comments from the public in different concerts due to her weight. Eventually, she became curious about her looks and decided to lose weight.


What diet plan does Adele follow to lose weight?

In her interview with British Vogue, she revealed that It was her discipline and belief in her trainer that happened during this magical transformation. She did not elaborate on her diet plan in her interview, but rumours are circulating that it was the Sirtfood diet plan that made her fit.

A Sirtfood diet contains different proteins that regulate many functions of our body, such as metabolism, digestion, and immunity. This diet plan includes kale, strawberries, olive oil, dark chocolate green tea, onions, soy, walnuts, etc...

The Stir food diet is becoming a favourite diet plan of most people in Europe and all over the world.


Rebel Wilson;

Rebel Wilson is an Australian comedian, actress, and singer. She was born on 2 March 1980. She has performed in several comedy films. She had excessive weight and was going through an infertility problem. Her doctors advised her to lose weight to get a better chance of fertility. Thus she decided to lose weight. In her interview, she said that she had lost about 85 pounds of weight in less than a year.


Rebel Wilson's diet plan.

Rebel Wilson observed the year 2020 as the "year of health" just as in the past she determined "year of fun" and "year of love". She made a concrete decision to lose weight in 2020. In her interview with BBC, she revealed that she had followed a diet plan called Mayr Method.

The Mayr Method is an outstanding diet plan that has been followed for more than hundreds of years. It is a quick and easy plan to lose extra weight. The plan has been popular among the actress and public figures for decades. The Mayr Method does add some restrictions to your diet.

The Mayr Method was introduced by an Australian physician Dr Franz Xaver Mayr, in 1920. It is prepared to be followed for two weeks.

The basic principle for the diet is to stay at VIVAMAYR, but you can also follow it at home using the standard protocol of the diet.

The diet typically focuses on removing sugar from your diet, taking plenty of alkaline dishes, and reducing your intake of gluten.


Gemma Collins;

Gemma Collins is a British businesswoman born on 31st January 1981. She has also appeared in many television shows. She had gained excessive weight around the year 2004. She suffered from a number of health issues due to obesity. Collins also went through an abortion in 2004 when her doctor told her that her baby would be born with disabilities. In 2012, she gave birth to a fourth-month foetus, which was a miscarriage.

Eventually, she decided to lose weight and become healthy.


Gemma Collins' diet plan;

TOWIE star Gemma Collins shocked her fans when for the first time, she appeared in public after a three-tone weight loss. It was an unbelievable experience for her fans.

In her Instagram post, she said that "I am loving my transformation mentally and physically!"

During her dieting, she didn't stay hungry but limited her foods to fruits and vegetables, which contain healthy protein and fibre. She ate avocado toast for breakfast which is tasty and full of healthy fats and protein.

Collins used meal-preparing for her lunch. Meal preparation can save you time and provide fat-free food to your body. She had suggested chicken and greens for lunch.

To repair her muscles and increase body strength, she followed meat in her diet plan.

Meat boosted her body strength and supplied protein, which kept her free from infections.


Mark Labbett;

Mark Labbett is a television personality born on 15 August 1965. He takes an interest in quiz questions and won many quiz competitions. He also starred in The Chase.

His weight reached around 29 stones, and his doctor told him that he has at the risk of high blood pressure. It was beneficial for his health to lose weight. He had started his journey towards losing weight and lost almost 65kgs of weight. He posted from his Instagram account while celebrating his weight loss, "52-inch chest so down from 5xl to 2xl, still work to do".


Mark Labbett's diet plan;

In a TV show, The Chaser star gave credit to his dog for his incredible weight transformation. He explained in his interview how he worked with his dog named Baloo.

Mark Labbett had diabetes, and the doctors told him to eliminate all the carbohydrates from his daily foods. Apart from this, he also stayed away from all unhealthy foods such as junk food. He began including healthy vegetables and fruits in his food, which was free of fat and sugar.

Along with eating healthy food, he also followed proper regular exercise. He followed a routine which included running and cycling, which eventually made him overcome his bulging belly.


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